Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hand Shockwave

The Hand Laser (p. 308 EP) is very useful device, bringing the capabilities of a Laser Pulser into a small hand-mount which is concealable, portable, but tends to be low impact on the environment for habitats concerned about their infrastructure. In other cases, the Hand Stunner is available to offer a less-lethal alternative to the Hand Laser, delivering a shock to targets like the Stunner weapon. But there exists another way for a laser weapon to be used, which is normally enabled in a Laser Pulser but not possible in the stripped down design of the normal Hand Laser. This is a form of Pulsed Energy Projectile used by the Laser Pulser which can be integrated wholly into the cybernetic implant - at the cost of the normal firing mode.

Hand Shockwave: Another variant on the Hand Laser, this weapon is functionally identical to the normal base Hand Laser except that the internal construction is deliberately made so it only fires in what is normally "Stun" mode on a Laser Pulser. It uses a two-step laser pulse to generate shockwaves of plasma which erupt in a 1 meter radius of the target, similar to a flashbang, disorienting and knocking aside the target. Such PEP weapons are commonly used by law enforcement, and some prefer this type of approach in implanted weapons. All targets in the area of effect must make SOM x2 tests (SOM x3 for Synthmorphs or morphs with Pain Tolerance), failure meaning they are temporarily stunned and lose their next Action. Critical Failure results in the target being knocked down and being completely paralyzed for 1 Action Turn per 10 MoF. This deals only 1d10 DV, with an AP of 0 and only fires in Single Shot mode - like the variant on the Laser Pulser. A Hand Shockwave holds 50 shots worth of charge in the integrated battery. [Low]

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