Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Nanodrugs are potent substances, able to directly cultivate mental or emotional states using active nanotech to incur direct feedback or manipulation of the body's biochemistry. While more expensive and often more restrictive due to those qualities, they possess a wide variety of uses due to them. People utilize nanodrugs to help with mathematics, focus and pain tolerance, or stimulate direct emotional states. They can also incur more "negative" changes for recreational or investigative purposes, like temporarily stimulating an allergic reaction which passes quickly, temporarily mimicking mental disorders or temporarily inducing effects similar to neural damage. The most popular nanodrugs combine these sorts of effects. One of these such, is ShutIn.

ShutIn: A nanodrug which directly stimulates feelings of focus and introversion. Commonly used by artistic or intellectual types to study or work, the drug enhances observation, memory and is said to help "remove distraction". For positive aspects, it grants a +10 on Perception tests for the duration, and a +10 to any test to remember events which occurred while under the effects. However, it stimulates antisocial, introverted or isolated feelings, giving a -20 to Networking tests for the duration, and it tries to prevent highly active or risky behavior by playing with the pain response, giving a -30 to all tests relating to pain or its effects. Commonly sold as patches or dissolving tabs. Long-term users of ShutIn may develop permanent anxieties or even phobias of large crowds, open spaces or other social situations.[Low]

ShutIn has an interesting market; it's most commonly seen among university students - particularly those in rigorous educational programs - where it is used as a study or "cram" drug, and also often mixed with other substances. Actors and performers also often use it to prepare, studying or practicing lines, steps and routines in a performance while avoiding distractions, but it is not often used by those with particularly physical jobs or hobbies - the pain response is quite overwhelming if triggered. People with wide social circles may also utilize it to simply relax and "unplug" from a vast network of social media they can't seem to disconnect with otherwise.

Application: D, O
Onset: 5 Action Turns
Duration: 1 Hour
Addiction Modifier: +10
Addiction Type: Physical

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