Sunday, November 6, 2016


Ute: also known as “Utility Vehicle”. This four-wheeled car features big tires and a rugged self-adjusting suspension and all wheel drive for maximum handling and utility on rough terrain. This vehicle is most common on Mars and certain Exoplanet colonies, but has variants which are used in other areas. It operates off a nuclear battery for an indefinite operating time. It has an enclosed cab, but not pressurized. The primary selling point of these is the large cargo bed in the back, which offers a high amount of utility between models and designs. Some are just flat beds, while others feature interior or exterior storage containers and other systems, such as seating for passengers. Some models feature netting or other soft covers to protect the materials in the back. Comes equipped with Headlights, Radio Booster, vehicle radar and Heavy Bumper normally. [Expensive]

Redneck Technical variant:
A common sight in the backwoods regions of Mars, the “Technical” version of the Ute features additional armor plating, bulletproof tires, a boosted engine and a turreted weapon mount placed in the back, though that usually restricts the amount of passengers which can be hauled. These are common among Barsoomian groups, rural police forces and scouts or security vehicles for Nomad tribes. Typically they are armed with a Heavy Machine Gun mount, but some of them have even heavier weapons like seekers. They add Heavy Armor, Articulated Weapon Mount and Ablative Patches. [Expensive (30,000+)]

Snowcrawler variant:
A version of the Ute vehicle for colder planets such as Titan, or other Exoplanets. The primary alterations is that the wheels are replaced with a highly flexible track system. This dramatically decreases the max speed of the vehicle, but gives it much better traction and maneuverability on icy surfaces. The Snowcrawler also has a pressurized, enlarged cab which is heated and has other life support functions, and has a T-Ray emitter to help see. Holds 50 hours of Air. [Expensive]

Ute Capacity: 2 (more as cargo) Handling: +0 Movement: 8/32 Speed 40/100/120 AV 26/30 DUR 200 WT 40
-Redneck Technical Capacity: 3 Handling: +0 Movement: 8/40 Speed 40/100/120 AV 42/48 DUR 200 WT 40
Snowcrawler Capacity: 3 Handling: +10 Movement: 4/16 Speed 60 AV 26/30 DUR 200 WT 40

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