Thursday, November 3, 2016

Agora server

Agora Server
Mission: Monitor/Analysis
Target: Society/Economics
Territory: 300,000-1,500,000
12 Proxies
Well-Equipped (HR)
Rich (MR)
Very Structuralist
Backup Neutral
Hands-off Proxies
Close Ties to another Agency

“Agora” is a small, economics focused Server operated on Progress in Mars Orbit, focuses on long term monitoring of the Planetary Consortium and their economics. While many in Firewall may not approve of the PC, it is generally accepted that it’s sudden collapse could be very harmful to stability in the Solar System. So Agora tracks economic climate at the Consortium HQ, and runs many long-term projections on economic stability - occasionally recommending operations Firewall might undergo or back to keep things static. Agora proxies are fairly evenly split between Firewall’s roles (except Erasers), many of whom are also also are embedded in several other agencies or groups inside the Consortium. To emphasize their neutrality as an economic analysis and tallying group, the various proxies of Agora tend to be hands-off, and feature pragmatic, structuralist leanings due to their association with classical business and government. While not excessively funded, it’s members have access to significant physical resources through personal efforts, and can keep their limited number of Sentinels well equipped.

(This server and all other Firewall servers I may post generated via this random generator)

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