Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Melee Weapon Enhancements

There are many weapon accessories designed to enhance and reinforce the capabilities of ranged weapons. However, while melee weapons do not have the same efficiency or potential as many more advanced systems, there are plenty in the Solar System who still utilize them for any number of purposes and uses. Melee combat is not a lost art, and the advanced technology and materials of the Transhuman future mean there are many optional adjustments or attachments to melee weapons possible which can alter their profiles and make them more dangerous or useful.

Balanced Hilt: Utilizing shape-adjusting memory materials and systems of smart materials to adjust the balance and weight distribution in the weapon's grip, the weapon is much easier to handle - both offensively and defensively. This accessory grants a +10 to hit with Combat Rolls using the designated weapon, and a +10 on Fray tests against other melee attacks, provided one can use the weapon to parry. Due to the precision and high-quality of the materials, this mod is costly. [Moderate]

Masterwork Blade: Most weapons and blades are "factory forged" using nanofabrication techniques or conventional machinery to make a standard template of a weapon. But for some, the careful techniques of forging weapons are very much a living talent - though limited to hobbyists scattered throughout the system. These high-quality blades are sharper and sturdier than most. A blade hand-crafted by a master smith are much higher quality than standard fabricated ones by virtue of technique and material selection, granting +1 DV and -1 additional AP, but can be hard to come by due to needing to find a specialist who can make them. This enhancement can only be applied to a bladed weapon. [Low]

Shock Capacitor: This simple modification embeds a small battery unit into the handle of a weapon connected either to the conductive surface of the weapon itself, or new contacts embedded into it. The end result of this is that the weapon now adds the Shock effect (see p. 204 EP "Shock Attacks") on a hit. Due to the small size and the need to not alter a weapon's balance or weight, the shock capacitor can only generate enough charge to add the Shock effect once per Action Turn. [Low]

Thermic Weapon: This modification requires a significant restructure of the weapon involved. Embedding a small nuclear battery in the weapon - then adding a long conducting heating element which runs in it's length, as well as sufficiently insulating the handle. When activated, this causes the Thermic Weapon to begin generating high volumes of heat, which cause significantly increased harm in contact with the weapon, adding +2 DV and -2 AP. Scoring an Excellent Success with the weapon sets the target On Fire (p. 198 EP "Fire"). Thermic Weapons are incredibly dangerous, both to foes and even to the user (be careful not to make contact with the weapon when in use or immediately after) and only slightly less prone to catastrophic failures than a Plasma Sword. [Moderate]

Toxin Alloy: Normally, one uses the best in composites and alloys available to make a blade. But for some assassins, enforcers or just uppity Scum, there are other ways. These ways involve making the blade from volatile heavy metals, some blends even wasting radioactives, which make a dangerous surprise for anyone actually struck with the weapon, as the metal flakes off in the blood causing acute toxicity. Any pod or biomorph which is damaged by a Toxin Alloy weapon must roll a DUR test (DURx2 with Medichines) or take 10 DV (ignoring armor) once per Action Turn for 1 Turn for every full 10 MoF. Characters who pass the test still take -10 on their next action due to pain or discomfort as their body metabolizes the toxins. However, due to the inferior quality of the materials used to produce this effect, reduce the DV and AP of the weapon by 1. This enhancement can only be applied to a bladed weapon. [Moderate]

Collapsible Weapon: This enhancement involves utilizing specialized light materials, smart materials and precisely nanofabbed mechanisms to turn a weapon which cannot already collapse into a collapsing weapon. This means a weapon can be folded up or down from it's full size to a Small size, easily held in a pocket or small holster, as a Quick Action. While folded, the weapon gives a -20 penalty to anyone trying to discern it is a weapon, and grants a +20 on Palming tests to conceal the collapsed weapon entirely. This enhancement can only be applied to weapons which do not already fold or collapse. [One cost category higher than weapon]

Oversized Weapon: Some morphs are Large. While these often gain the benefit of reach on smaller opponents, conventional-sized weapons may not be of ideal shape, balance or length for such a tall or broad morph. In this case, most weapons come with a variation designed for those of exceptional height to use. A Large sized morph using this weapon doubles their DB. A Medium sized morph may use an Oversized Weapon to gain the advantage of Reach (p. 204 EP) against another Medium sized opponent, but if they do not have a SOM of 20 or higher, they take a -20 penalty to all attack rolls with it due to it's awkward size and weight. [One cost category higher than weapon]

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