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Type: Icy Moon
Primary Star: K7V (Yellow Dwarf)
Satellite Of: Anemoi (9 Earth Masses)
Gravity: .67 g
Diameter: 8864.68 km
Atmospheric Pressure: 1 atm
Atmospheric Composition: 82% Sulfur Dioxide, 16% Argon, 1% Hydrogen, traces of other gasses
Surface Temperature (Mean): -32 C
Day Length: 17 Hours
Orbital Period: 71 Days
Satellites: None
Gate Access: Sunrise Gate, Portal Gate
Notes: High Population of System Bodies, High Radiation, Cryovolcanic Activity, TITAN Remnants, Impressive Terrain, Transhuman Settlement (Weyr)
Boreas is an interesting moon of Anemoi, Sub-Neptunian planet in the outer area of its Solar System, which is heavily populated with 11 other major planetary bodies. Boreas has a shockingly comfortable pressure and gravity, which is offset by its cold temperature, toxic atmosphere and hazardous conditions. Boreas possesses a high volume of surface ice, and has notable cryovolcanic activity, and radiological effects caused by passing through the radiation belt of Anemoi. This makes colonization difficult as Boreas is “geologically” “active”, which disrupts efforts to colonize using the ice layers as radiation shielding. Nevertheless, a small settlement has been built on Boreas, out of an extinct cryovolcano caldera around the Gate, called “Weyr” after an old Earth Sci-Fi, which is held by a mixture of Titanians, Extropian interests (such as Profunda and Ceres) and Inner System Brinkers and acknowledged as a member of the Autonomist Alliance. The Colony is built inside the open area of the caldera itself, thought it extends into tunnels in the walls. A second settlement, tentatively titled Septentrio, was planned in another Cryovolcano formation several hundred klicks away, after a survey revealed it had extant tunnel systems. Unfortunately, this tunnel system appears to be remnants of TITAN activity, similar to Iapetus, though lacking perhaps the large scale computation conversion efforts, simply containing an expansive warren of fractal tunnels with bizarre patterns and conventions etched into the walls. Then the survey team went dark, apparently wiped out by Exsurgents or TITAN security. There is no active energy or data emission from the Septentrio site, but the populus of Weyr has voted to lock down the colony and not explore outside until further security data has been provided. This information has led to a flood of Singularity Seekers into the colony, who have begun attempting to breach the colony perimeter in order to study the TITAN ruins. Many do not return. The Boreas gate is located in the basin of a cryovolcano caldera, with massive walls rising above and around it, dotted with cave and passages through the rock and ice.

Station Type: Beehive
Allegiance: Autonomist Alliance
Primary Languages: Skandinaviska, English, Russian
Population: 1750
Weyr is an interesting, and often breathtaking (possibly literally, given Boreas’ atmosphere) settlement, nestled into the body of an extinct Cryovolcano around the Boreas Gate. It was named from an old sci-fi book, after places where colonies of dragonriders lived on a potentially dangerous exoplanet. No dragons yet, but some of the brinker and scum types who have settled in are interested in making a purchase from Fortean. Weyr’s history is a little unusual, as is its government. Technically, it’s an independent autonomist hab, but it’s colonization rights are partially held by Gatekeeper and partially by an extropian enclave made up of interests from several ancap settlements. Habitat-wide decisions are typically handled by populace vote, similar to Titan’s Plurality (though with less social pressure to vote on everything), or quietly by elected station staff. However, Weyr holds both an Extropian Trade Mission and a Titanian embassy, and is considered a protectorate of the Commonwealth. New residents either have to stay in communal housing provided by the holders, or pay a small fee (or call in a favor to vouch for them) to stake a claim on personal space. The center of Weyr is built around the open Gate Plaza, which sits in the center of the volcanic crater. The open caldera itself is capped off with a shielded lens, which protects the interior from ionizing radiation, and helps raise the interior temperature, though Weyr is not pressurized itself, so breathing equipment is required to move in the open areas of the settlement. Around the Gate Plaza are the many common buildings, including communal housing and eating buildings, colony storage and infrastructure and administration functions. There is also an open space where herds of a slightly modified strain of Titanian Caribou are penned. The majority of the population of Weyr lives in personal cave spaces in the walls or base of the volcano itself. Caves are sealed off with flexible pressure seals, small airlocks added, then they can be heated and pressurized like expanded pressure tents. These personal caves can be small enough to equate to a single room or one person apartment, or large and long enough to contain a small Brinker or Scum tribe. Population in Weyr has greatly increased after the Septentrio incident, as both Commonwealth Marines and independent contractors from Medusa have been brought in to bolster security in the colony and maintain the enforced lock-down until the situation can be properly assessed. However, a second group has flooded in, Singularity Seekers intent on studying possible similarities to Iapetus. Many of these Singularity Seekers attempt to break the lock-down though the warren of tunnels under Weyr. Most are caught and turned back (and occasionally exiled from Boreas), but quite a few make it out. Many of these never return.

Jotun Exsurgent (Biomorph)
Called “Jotuns” by one of the last survivors of the survey team on Boreas, these massive Exsurgents tower at nearly twice normal transhuman height, with a skin of hard and jagged crystalline plates and fibers which serve as armor. They’re surprisingly flexible, however, able to climb and fit through many smaller passages in the Septentrio caldera. They have massive claws, ideal for digging through rock and ice, carving further passages beneath the ice. It is unknown what they are doing, or how they live, just that that at least a hundred, if not more, dwell in the Septentrio site, with many of them hibernating between periods spent wandering the enormous tunnel system, carving out further tunnels.
Movement: 4/20
Skills: Climbing 40, Fray 50, Freerunning 50, Infiltration 30, Perception 50, Unarmed Combat 60
Notes: Large Size, Direction Sense, Enhanced Vision, Enhanced Hearing, Vacuum Sealing, Toxin Filters, Grip Pads, Digging Claws, Carapace Armor, Hibernate, Prehensile Feet, Radiation Tolerance, Long-Term Life Support
Attacks: Claws 1d10+6 DV AP -2
Armor: 11/11

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