Saturday, November 12, 2016

Viper Sword

The Wasp Knife (p. 334 EP) is an incredibly useful weapon which is known for its nastiness. Holding a cartridge in the handle, and armed with an injection system, the knife can pump compressed air or any number of chemical, drug, toxin or even nanotech into a target which is successfully damaged. This is very useful or a lot of reasons, but for some the knife is not the proper way. For this, use of advanced material composites can build long-bladed structures much more like a sword, which can be used for more power and skill by specialists.

Viper Sword: The big brother of the Wasp Knife, the Viper Sword doesn't cause as much harm as a Vibroblade or Monofilament Sword, but has one advantage in the form of an internal arterial structure. When combined with a triple-cartridge system in the base of the weapon, this allows the Viper Sword to be almost instantaneously coated in any Toxin, Chemical or Nanotoxin from storage. It can also be used to cause damage in pressure differential situations like a Wasp Knife, though this requires a stabbing motion rather than a slash to apply. The Viper Sword has a series of three canisters which hold three separate doses of a drug or chemical substance. To apply the effects the target must suffer damage. [Moderate]
AP -1 2d10+2+DB DV

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