Monday, November 28, 2016

Blackbook server

Blackbook Server
Mission: Logistics
Target: Exsurgents
Territory: Operates Everywhere
27 Proxies
Rich (HR)
Poor (MR)
Active Backup
Trying to live down recent fuckup

Blackbook Server is mostly logistical and networking server ostensibly tasked with coordinating agents to monitor potential exsurgent outbreaks in the Inner System, especially around quarantine zones. It has vast contacts, healthy Sentinel recruitment and a large body of well-organized proxies from across the system, which makes them pragmatic-leaning moderates. Blackbook has one major problem, they’re a corrupt server which funds itself primarily via kickbacks due to their connections with many smugglers and counterfeiters across a wide variety of criminal operations linked to Earth Orbit, Luna, Mars and even further out-system. Many of its proxies work in covert Reclaimer operations or are Guanxi members making profit off the covert intel gathered by Firewall, and using crime to launder their resources. Through their gatecrashing connections, they’re also active in the Backup clique, though these efforts can be seen as being as selfish as anything else. Recently the server had a big setback when a couple of their Registers, Triad bosses on Mars, were grabbed and many of their assets frozen or seized. While the Server managed to keep ties to Firewall well hidden, this has given them a severe lack of equipment and funds to use on their own operations - which only encourages more corruption.

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