Sunday, November 27, 2016


Armored Personnel Carrier
Generic class of armored vehicle designed to carry passengers. These are used by private security or law enforcement as troop transports or even as prisoner transports, and are mostly common in planetary habs though some large and wealthy cylinders also employ them. They have 6-8 wheels, with thick armor made of fullerened composites and aerogels. The most common configuration for the APC is a driver and a commander or co-pilot seat up front, with an optional seat for a gunner, and space to hold around 8 passengers, with additional space for troops to ride on the outside. Some APCs have been modified to dock with Battlesuits or other exoskeletons to “ride” on the outside. APCs feature pressure doors and environmental control systems, which in addition to providing indefinite air also work to counteract chemical, biological or nanotech attacks (Count as Immunogenic system and Guardian swarm). In terms of weapons, APCs typically have an external weapon turret which is controlled from the inside. Typically these are Heavy MGs or Seeker weapon systems, but occasionally they feature even heavier autocannons. They may also have slits or windows in the side for interior troops to fire personal weapons from. Comes equipped with Headlights, Radio Booster and vehicle Radar. [Expensive (50,000+)]

APC Capacity: 11 Handling: +10 Movement Rate 8/40 Max Speed 70 AV 36/36 DUR 400 WT 80

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