Wednesday, November 9, 2016


A collection of ideas for vids, XP and news programs one might find browsing their media feeds.

100 AF
Very bioconservative show made in the LLA about the exploits of a small human colony attempting to reclaim the Earth 90 years in the future, after a massive war where 99% of AGIs and Uplifts died to defeat the TITANs and retake the Earth.

A horror/survival vid series about a team of Gatecrashers stranded away from home, being stalked by some hostile entity. They must survive and try to make it back home in a variety of alien environments. 

Vid series about an AGI surgeon assigned to a large Martian city. They are not well liked, but are skilled, and must overcome both social issues and medical dilemmas. 

Regular XP reality series produced by aggregating XP and sensor feeds from contracted police and security forces throughout the Planetary Consortium. Criticized in Autonomist circles for "glorifying" state authority or police brutality when showing the "choicest" clips of officers making arrests or breaking up protests. 

Reactionary news XP/vlog show from Mars, with a crew who "attack" trending or viral topics and celebrities, often making quick jibes or ill-natured comments. 

Supposedly a "news" show, this weekly reality show explores conspiracy theories of cryptids, wild artificials, parapsychology and possible "TITAN outbreaks" in the inner system, often showcasing XP footage submitted by fans. Quality of the XP is markedly terrible. 

Weekly XP/vlog hosted by "Preston Crowley", an Octopus uplift from Experia. Show cases unusual locales, current events and extreme activities in the Inner System. Mysteriously cancelled during the first season, pirated episodes still circulated. 

Award-winning Crime drama vid series about a up-and-coming member of a local Triad gang, and the trials they must overcome in daily life and as a member of organized crime. 

(Shout out again to RPPR and Know Evil for "100 AF" and "Release the Kraken", the summaries relayed here are less core focused to that campaign, and more broadly applicable to a GM who either wants to utilize those ideas for something, or just include them as part of a "lore")

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