Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Infection and disease is an interesting subject for many transhumans. Basic Biomods protects against almost every form of common, naturally occurring disease known to man before the Fall - and many such microorganisms didn't make it off Earth during that event. Sepsis of habitat systems is more a bother for the damage it does to air quality and other quality of life, rather than direct harm to the body. But, there are always tailor-made diseases and even the "nanoplagues" which mimic traditional diseases through nanotechnology. Many toxic elements are derived from biology as well, including a few exotic toxins made by Xenofauna. For this purpose, certain supplements and restoratives are marketed to Transhumans to increase their health. While Medichines are popular, some habitats or users are averse to nanotech in their bloodstream. In this cases, there are alternative solutions.

DisInfect: DisInfect is a health supplement designed to protect the body from infection by outside sources, namely biologic and nanotech. It works by hardening the membranes in the body which are usually vectors for infection and cause a brief burst in stimulation of the immune system. Users also generally claim they feel a slight numbing sensation, and a slightly "uplifting" quality, like they are physically lighter. As this is unhealthy and awkward to maintain for long, DisInfect has a relatively short duration, but a quick onset, ideal to be utilized if one knows they are about to enter an area with an infectious risk. It also has a more limited effect on potential infection from nanological vectors. DisInfect grants a +30 to rolls to resist biological pathogens or toxins, and a +20 to resist nanoplagues or nanotoxins. Due to it's power and relative lack of effects, DisInfect is a fairly complex product which can be quite expensive. [High]

DisInfect is usually sold in small, disposable inhalers which are designed for ease of use, but it also comes in incense or candle form. It has a high demand for its properties, especially among high refugee populations in Earth Orbit and the Jovian Republic, where many citizens still lack basic biomods. The Republic has carefully controlled imports of the drug, the majority of which are taken by the government for use by the military, and several internal pharmaceutical corporations attempting to make their own version. While in the orbital, there is a health black market in the drug which has "fallen of a SLOTV" or off-brand copies made by enterprising pirates which may or may not match up to the real deal. Autonomist agitators are known to steal stockpiles of the drug and freely redistribute them to small communities of friendly ideologies - a practice started after medical corps started disseminating blueprints of the drug which had deliberate errors in them to help damp down on piracy.

Application: Inh
Onset: 1 Minute
Duration: 1 Hour
Addiction Modifier: -10
Addiction Type: Physical

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