Thursday, December 1, 2016


"Powered" weapons which fall under the Unarmed Skill are fairly few and far between. The Power Fist is one such example, a gauntlet utilizing pneumatic technology to generate powerful punches that can cause high damage and even unbalance the opponent. But the Fist is showy, obvious and fairly recognizable. For those who want to bring a more high-tech edge with subtlety, they need a different option. Of course, the people who need such devices often raise the question if they need subtlety at all...

Vibroknuckle: A nasty little high-tech version of a knuckleduster used by some street gangs and pugilists. Instead of using hard rings or spikes, the Vibroknuckle has oscillating blades which vibrate at high frequencies when activated. Under normal circumstances, these don't do much besides add a little bit extra penetration when punching (and inflicting more painful injuries), but when used to make prolonged contact, they add an additional -3 AP and +1d10 DV. Vibroknuckles are usually embedded in a glove or gauntlet to give the user additional protection [Low]
AP -2 1d10+2+DB

As noted above, the primary market for vibroknuckles are street toughs who want painful, intimidating weapons (those with Enhanced Hearing say the noise of the vibration is particularly unsettling) which in a pinch can be used to puncture tougher armor. However, there is also a market in certain sports for using the knuckle as an alternative to conventional gloves or possibly even other weapons. This form of "razor boxing" or many other names is popular both as an informal (sanctioned or unsanctioned) sport in underground sports or some Scum circles, and as a formal one in some extreme sports leagues, including as a "Chess Boxing" variant.

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