Friday, December 9, 2016


Recreational drugs are an interesting, sometimes obscure market. People who just want to relax and get away from things tend to hit Orbital Hash (p. 320 EP). People who want to be down, to experience an ephemeral passing feeling can hit Mono No Aware (p. 320 EP). Petals (p. 322 EP) and Buzz (p. 320 EP) are the drugs of choice for people who really want to escape a desperate reality through some all-encompassing experience. And Monochrome is an unusual drug which gives a brief bout of happiness, a good counter to people who feel down. But for people who really want a pick-me-up, you should see about buying some Unbreakable.

Unbreakable: Normally sold in patches, Unbreakable is a mixture of natural compounds and genetically enhanced hormones designed to give one a boost of confidence and euphoria. While it takes a while to kick in, the patch will slowly work in the drug over a long period of time. Users feel "invincible" or "unstoppable", full of confidence and extremely happy or "up" for the duration, though it has no other pronounced effects. A GM may allow bonuses for certain tests while on this drug. Unbreakable has long-term health effects, causing consistent damage to biology which imposes a -30 penalty to all tests when not on the drug for long term users. [Low]

Unbreakable is popular in certain markets of people who tend to be of lower economic standing. It makes the user feel good about themselves and anything really, ideal for all kinds of situations with work or socializing. Street gangs often pass out Unbreakable to new members - not only does it assuage fears of anxiety to do deeds they may require, but the long-term hook is a way to "retain" membership. It's fairly tame effects mean that Unbreakable is not common in "hardcore" drug users or more wealthy clientele who can afford more exotic experiences.

Type: Bio
Application: D
Onset: 2 Hours
Duration: 24 Hours
Addiction Modifier: +10
Addiction Type: Physical

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