Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Butterfly: This drug is a social enhancer, designed to make people more extroverted and able to connect with others, as well as generally more pleasant to be around. It improves one's ability to socialize by making one feel more open and able to communicate even simplistic or empty facts about oneself. Consumed as a small, butterfly-shaped chewable, this drug grants a +20 to all Networking tests for the duration it lasts, but causes the character to be inappropriately happy or upbeat - prone to inane gossip or conversation. The user must make a WILx3 test to discuss serious subjects. Long term users may be prone to laughing fits or lack of focus, and tend to develop wrinkles from frequent smiling. [Low]

Butterfly is more common than say, DCV, due to that drug's slightly more niche marketing, but isn't quite as common as Alpha or Hither (p. 320-21 EP) for parties and social engagements. Butterfly users (Who sometimes call themselves "caterpillars") are either normally introverted people, or by people who feel they need to be supremely good at finding and talking to people, usually at social engagements. Due to it's effect on social communication, Butterfly abuse is extremely common in the Anarchist habs of the Outer System, where socialization and reputation are key. Too much Butterfly can wrap around and result in a rep loss, however, as it tends to make users come across as insufferable. Some people even form "butterfly parties" or "metamorphosis" parties where everyone takes Butterfly (often in combination with other substances) to become very extroverted, and meet lots of people and learn about them or connect with them.

Application: O
Onset: 3 Action Turns
Duration: 1 Hour
Addiction Modifier: +0
Addiction Type: Physical

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