Thursday, December 15, 2016

Beam Snipers

Beam Weapons, and directed energy weapons in general, are known having some difficulties with maximum range, especially compared to kinetic projectiles. Lasers, being visible light, are obscured or disrupted by atmospheric conditions, and basically have no penetration due to the fact that the damage done to the target almost always prevents laser damage from affecting a target beyond the surface layer. Plasma weapons are devastatingly strong, but heavy and with high power consumption - and at range the intense temperature difference causes a thermal blooming effect which rapidly cools plasma outside of its magnetic containment. Particle Beam weapons are slightly better in this regard, as they transfer mostly kinetic energy, though they need to be adapted to in or out of atmosphere use. However, through applications of technology (and at cost), some long-range variants of classic beam weapons do exist.

Marksman Laser: This rifle-sized laser weapon resembles a traditional long rifle, with sturdy construction and a long "barrel". This is actually additional blocks of focusing medium and laser pumps, which when combined with more potent draw on the battery allows the laser to build up a much stronger pulse when fired, which allows it to remain coherent at slightly longer ranges (though still not through certain weather and atmosphere effects) and actually delivers enough power for the beam to penetrate light layers of armor before being disrupted. This still doesn't offer as much power as many actual marksman or sniper weapons, but is useful as a precision laser tool by certain specialists. [High]
AP -3 2d10+2 DV SA Ammo 50
0-45 46-150 151-225 226-375

Plasma Lance: This alternate Plasma Rifle (p. 339 EP) is even larger and bulkier, as it features a longer magnetic containment area and more powerful magnetic pinch to draw, contain and project plasma in a more coherent beam at the target. While overkill for most things, some prefer the added range and power when dealing with high-risk threats, such as xenotech or TITAN remnants. While even less energy efficient than a normal plasma rifle it does have the increased effective range, and the extra force means it offers excellent penetration for a DEW. Like a regular plasma rifle, the Plasma Lance will set the target On Fire with an Excellent Success, but also has poor heat transmission in vacuum, requiring 1 full turn of cooling after being fired twice. [Expensive (Minimum 30,000)]
AP -11 3d10+22 DV SA Ammo 5
0-30 31-75 76-150 151-450

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