Sunday, December 18, 2016

Oyamatsumi & Konohana

Type: Terrestrial (Venusian)
Primary Star: G8V (Yellow Dwarf)
Secondary Star: Y0 (Sub-Brown Dwarf)
Gravity: 1.35 g
Diameter: 17,268.88 km
Atmospheric Pressure: 3 atm
Atmospheric Composition: 60% CO2, 26% Oxygen, 14% Nitrogen
Surface Temperature (Mean): 57 C
Day Length: 19 Hours
Orbital Period: 345 Days
Satellites: 1 (Konohana)
Gate Access: Sunrise Gate, Discord Gate
Notes: Resources Available, Microbial Life, Large (Artificial Moon), Possible Alien Wreckage
Named after a mountain and sea god by the Go-Nin group, Oyamatsumi is an interesting case of a mild Venusian world in orbit around a binary “star”, which contains a rare “Sub-Brown Dwarf”. Oyamatsumi has an intense pressure and higher than Earth-standard temperature and gravity, requiring Enhanced Respiration and Temperature Tolerance to survive the heat and otherwise toxic levels of Oxygen and CO2. Go-Nin’s attempts to colonize the world in order to exploit the rich resources it has have been dampened by attempts by the Consortium powers to prevent large scale access by Go-Nin to Gravity-adapted Ruster or “Rust” Dvergrs and other similar genelines. Efforts for Go-Nin to utilize the planet’s resources have been further stymied by the announcement by TerraGenesis that Oyamatsumi can be accessed via the Sunrise Gate, leading to a complex legal battle in the system, which is complicated by Preservationist efforts to study the planet, which possesses microbial life adapted the harsh climb of Oyamatsumi. The planet is also of note for two additional reasons, the first, it’s moon Konohana (so named for the pinkish hue it has when observed through Oyamatsumi’s atmosphere), which is a large body which had been concluded to be an artificial construct, not a natural formation. The other is a series of craters on Oyamatsumi’s surface from several hundred thousand years ago, which show signs of extra planetary debris formed into materials resembling roughly modern aerospace components. Analysis indicates such objects as caused the impacts may have originated from Konohana. The Oyamatsumi Gate is located in a valley between two low mountain ranges, believed to be resource rich.

Type: Terrestrial Moon (Artificial Dwarf Planetoid)
Satellite Of: Oyamatsumi
Gravity: .23 g
Diameter: 3,263.5 km
Atmospheric Pressure: .17 atm
Atmospheric Composition: 83% Sulfur Dioxide, 17% CO2
Surface Temperature (Mean): -1 C
Day Length: 17 Hours
Orbital Period: 20 Days
Gate Access: Sunrise Gate or Discord Gate (Via Oyamatsumi)
Konohana is an artificial moon around Oyamatsumi, with low gravity and temperature, and a thin, toxic atmosphere. It would be remarkable if only for its size, but also the fact that scans have indicated its decidedly unnatural state. Apart from the reddish-white surface (which blends to a hazy pink when viewed from Oyamatsumi), the planetoid also features a sub-surface composition of dense naturally occurring materials, formed into an unnatural strata. This means that below a thin surface layer, Konohana is remarkably difficult both to scan and to excavate, leading to an early dismissal by the Go-Nin Group. Konohana appears to have once been geologically active, but in its current orbital position, it would not be subject to sufficient tidal forces to cause this. It almost appears like Konohana is deliberately inhospitable, with a poison atmosphere and hard surface shell to protect something inside. Konohana is currently the theorized origin point for the source of several impact craters filled with debris that may have been alien craft, on the surface of Oyamatsumi.

Plot Hooks & Ideas:

  • Konohana was built by a gate-faring civilization which discovered Oyamatsumi and sought to build an artificial escape from some other planet, or when Oyamatsumi began to develop it's Greenhouse effect. They fled there and sealed it up, and have since died or otherwise suspended their activities, leaving only automated processes behind.
  • Konohana is an exotic, extrasolar probe developed by a powerful civilization which sought Pandora Gates - an artificially made and constructed planetoid flung out of it's origin system to be captured in a new one - with whoever built this macroscale probe long dead by the time it arrived
  • Oyamatsumi actually had two gates, one orbiting and one on it's surface, and Konohana was built by explorers to shield the second gate from some unknown risk which might emanate from the first, the probes being utilized to consistently monitor the planet below until they mysteriously stopped. 

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