Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fool's Gold Server

Fool's Gold Server
Mission: Deep Cover
Target: Hyperelite
Territory: 300,000-1,500,000
10 Proxies
Well-Equipped (HR)
Well-Equipped (MR)
Backup Neutral
Uses Blackmail to Instill Loyalty
Suspects it has a mole

Fool's Gold is an interesting, small server whose primary purpose is to keep Proxies and Sentinels closely tied and undercover on the Hyperelites. The Oligarchy is often seen as a considerable risk to the transhuman future, as per Operation GLASS LICH. Fool's Gold operates in these extreme upper circles and maintains units under cover to monitor them. This means they tend to be overall moderate, and decently equipped. But, working in scrutinized social circles with powerful individuals, Fool's Gold has a reputation for its proxies holding the integrity of cover and any past misdeeds over the heads of Sentinels and other operatives, which could land them in immense trouble if revealed, thus keeping them in line. The extreme wealth involved also means Fool's Gold is slightly paranoid about infiltration by outside sources, and has reported to several other servers to monitor their activities in case an active mole from some other group has been placed inside the Server.

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