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Hypercorporations are a diverse, flexible group - who provide for a variety of tasks, industries and niches. The intrinsic structure of the corporation makes them very diverse and adaptable, but able to be incredibly small - employing only small numbers directly and getting the rest done via subcontractors and AIs. While only a few have high places, such as on the Hypercorp council - throughout the Inner System and Belt many of them exist under a variety of names, charters and industries. Below are a selection of some Hypercorps randomly generated - which can be inserted for additional flavor and variance into your universe.

Major Industries: Housing, Hospitality, Architecture
Cubehive is a corporation mostly based on Mars who design and manufacture "economical" housing space - and they operate and maintain a small number of apartment complexes and capsule hotels as "showrooms" for their products. While their designs are sophisticated and relatively comfortable, they are known for being incredibly small, utilizing the bare minimum of living space required by the specifications. Single biomorph occupancy is little more than a modular closet, foldout beds and integrated makers and other appliances - and bathrooms being public to a floor. While popular with many other hypercorps and governments, Cubehive has been target of meme campaigns and corporate terrorism due to the extensive uses of its products in housing Indentures. Their logo is a set of nested cubes in a bright blue.

Major Industries: Sports Equipment, Nutrition
Development Sports is a sporting goods and health company which operates in the Planetary Consortium - though it's designs occasionally exist in other places. Originally, this was two companies, one devoted to nutrition and the other to sports equipment, but the nutritionist wing was bought up by the original founder to add to his branding. Now Devsports produces a wide variety of materials for sportsmen and athletes, both professional and amatuer. Their supplement line helps keep up general health and improve performance (though obviously not to the quality of implants or new morphs) and they produce equipment such as wingsuits, climbing gear, freerunning gloves and shoes, and even gear suitable for team sports such as football, golf, gridiron, baseball, rugby and cricket. Their logo is a letter "D" which is angled like a forward facing arrow.

Major Industries: Medical Testing, Gene Therapy, Designer Babies
Diagnostic Genemation is a relatively small, niche Extropian corp who focus on genetic testing, analysis and arrangement of gene sequences. It was founded after the Fall, in response to implementation of wider GRM by many Hypercorps - and their original and most common business is diagnostic consulting and DNA screening, checking for and documenting patented genomes and gene sequences. However, they have a secondary, premium business in gene therapy specially tailored to morphs - often exotic ones, and in helping prospective parents craft idealized genomes for their future children. DG is notable in both these areas as following the Extropian IP model, where derivatives of their designs are "fair use". Their logo is a DNA double helix made of hexes.

Major Industries: VR Education, Artificial Intelligence, Teaching Software
Founded by a group of developers from IndEX, ETN is a company who specializes in development of educational tools for the workforce, particularly new indentures. They design Simulspace experiences and UIs to teach basic skills and perform vocational training. They also consult or directly design Device AIs for tools and devices built by other corporations, or construct educational, non-ALI software to teach skills, usually practical ones. ETN is known to produce or purchase patents on skillsoft technology, then sit on it to keep their virtual learning programs marketable. They are common victims of anarchist attacks and intrusions, and many of their products are illegally distributed in an attempt to hurt their bottom line. Their logo is a small maze with a person in the center.

Major Industries: Biodrones, Smart Animals, Smart Animal Implants, Animal Care/Training
Felinetworks is a low-key, relatively obscure corporation based on Venus. Ostensibly, their primary industry is the manufacture of implants (such as cybercortexes) for smart animals, smart animal lines which are receptive to implantation, and sophisticated computer-assisted animal care and training, such as through Animal Care AIs. However, by people who are more familiar with the company, their actual industry is more clear - biodrones: The use of animals with implants for surveillance and basic tasks in place of bots. They market small animal breeds, such as rats, cats and racoons, all loaded with appropriate implants for purposes of security, infiltration or other biodrone needs. Felinetworks logo is a classic "cat face" emoticon assembled from 1s and 0s.

Major Industries: Batteries, Wi-tricity
IPS is a fairly mainstay hypercorp, who focus primarily on the production of batteries, both conventional storage and nuclear. They also produce equipment to recharge batteries, such as through wireless energy transmission, solar or thermal power generation, or even small portable generators which burn hydrogen to produce water vapor. Their industry is only hurt by the growing "black box" nature of many devices which does not allow for replacement or augmentation of batteries, and thus sales directly to consumers are limited, and instead they more commonly license battery designs to other hypercorps. Some of their specific designs are still purchased directly by the user, however. Their logo is a "+IPS" sign in red, but with the horizontal line is highlighted in blue, so as to also appear as a "-" symbol.

Major Industries: Chemical Engineering
Networked Chemonautics is a relatively niche company, whose products and services are still decently widespread. They specialize in production of Wet Makers (Farcast 50) and in the development and distribution of blueprints for chemical compounds. Primarily, this is used for alcohols or beauty products, but NC has a wide product line in Wet (and some "Dry" i/e conventional) Makers and the blueprints or instructions to use them, covering a wide variety of refreshments, cosmetics and utility chemicals. Rumor has it they are trying to break into pharmaceuticals or medical compounds, but other, larger hypercorps have been blocking their attempts at development. Their logo is R-O-H, the symbol of the hydroxyl group.

Major Industries: Publishing, Media Distribution
Open Publishing is actually a Titanian microcorp, a publishing house based on Titan who publish and distribute the works of individual citizens - as opposed to government owned and operated news and media aggregators. As a microcorp, OP is effectively owned by all Titanian Commonwealth citizens, and thus they have access to publish and distribute through them. OP handles mostly written works, but occasionally helps distribute XP, Vids or Vidgames, or other forms of traditional media. They employ a small team of editors and other specialists to make sure products published through them are of top quality, to improve the reputations of the corp and the creator. Their logo is a stylized script of "Open Publishing".

Major Industries: Security Systems, Consulting
This extropian corp specializes in personal and private security - usually of the physical variety. They consult, build and install security and surveillance systems for individuals or other corporations throughout the Main Belt and some inner fringe and nearby areas of the Outer System. In addition to basic surveillance spimes and firewalls, they also produce more complex physical systems, from conventional locks or checkpoint measures, all the way to Portal Denial Systems and Lockbots. Most of their business comes in the form consulting, however, suggesting methods to install or improve security. Due to conflicts with Gorgon Defense Systems, they tend to stay out of the drone or personal protection/insurance markets. Their logo is a bronze padlock.

Major Industries: Yellow Journalism, Media
Tactical Media Implications, aka "TMI" is a "journalism" house which frequently subcontracts to Experia, and is mostly based out of Elysium though they have "reporters" across Mars and major Consortium habs. They focus in gossip, rumor and sensationalism, often issuing reports and XP feeds of celebrities and public figures in personal moments, or behind closed doors - and are known for creative editing and leading questions to sensationalize or scandalize their product. Their weekly news update, "TMI Weekly" is some of the most watched and lowest rated programming on the Mesh. Experia's advertising makes a good bank off this fact, and are known to pay for TMI's cadre of lawyers who keep them out of any legal trouble their works may incur, usually by bringing up the fact that while TMI comports themselves like a news outlet, technically their business materials and documentation lists them as an entertainment corporation. Their logo is a "TMI", with each letter in a different garish color.

Major Industries: Terraforming, Survival Gear, Environmental Systems
TGHB Systems is a relatively new Martian startup, who cater to the growing Martian rural community. They produce a number of useful parts and devices for various terraforming processes, which sets the bedrock of their business model, but also provide a numerous array of equipment for persons living in the Outback, from survival clothing to camping equipment, to even small hab systems for prefab buildings. While still small, their brand is growing as more Martians catch on to the idea of a Martian corporation, which while part of the Consortium's membership, is still a strongly "Martian" corporation, and makes a point of not employing indentured labor, and opposing many radical terraforming plans. Their logo is a red triangle over TGHB.

Major Industries: Tool Manufacture
Unlimited Tools is a Lunar based hypercorp, which has managed to avoid absorption by larger corps since the Fall. They produce a wide variety of tool products for use in space-based manufacture and repair, many of which are incredibly useful or important to the construction and maintenance of habs. Their products are known to be simple, rugged and reliable, and their designs have spread throughout the solar system as a result. Their brand recognition is the only thing which prevents them from being bought up by a larger, less narrowly focused Hypercorp. Seeing a UT branded tool is not uncommon in many space habs, and even some planetary ones. Their logo is U∞T.

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