Saturday, December 17, 2016

Constructor Truck

Constructor Truck
Once a sight common on big projects on Mars, the Constructor Truck is now more common on Exoplanet colonies. This vehicle has more in common with Cargo Haulers than a Crasher Truck, however, being large rugged trucks with smart material wheels. However, they do not possess the traditional flatbed or container section of a hauler, but instead have a modular rear section behind the cab, which can be adjusted to suit the needs of a certain project. They are powered by nuclear batteries for an extended lifespan, and their four-man cabs are pressurized and environmentally maintained - and include stations to operate several features of the vehicle. The exact features of a Constructor Truck often vary based on the jobs it is attached to, but several features are common. This includes modular internal storage containers and external storage racks for raw materials, a top-mounted manipulator arm with a modular end which can double as a variety of tools and can lift over 500 kg at a time (more if the Truck is anchored properly), wired and wireless recharging stations, racks for a multitude of drones (including the ability to carry up to two Dwarf bots), storage of a wide variety of tools and instructional materials - equivalent to a Tool Shop and an external onboard Cornucopia Machine. Internal computers have access to a plethora of information, from basic tool and material blueprints to academic information, to professional instruction on a variety of jobs. While they can be fully automated, many groups prefer at least one transhuman crewmember to oversee and secure the vehicle. Common variants and additions include small, non nanotech facilities to produce water, oxygen or other basic elements, nanoswarm hives, passenger racks for Hard Suits or exoskeletons or more sophisticated sensor suites for surveying jobs. Enhancements: Telescoping Limb (Manipulator Arm), Headlights, Radio Booster, Radar [Expensive (40,000+)]

Minesweeper Variant
This mod to the Constructor was developed after the Fall to clear areas of potential TITAN activity, or human weapon deployment against the TITANs. While the Consortium and Tharsis league stand by the TQZ, rare Exoplanets which see signs of TITAN or Alien activity occasionally still employ these vehicles to safely secure an area, disable potential hazards and clear them out for proper safety. The Minesweeper has tougher armor, which is insulated against fire, radiation and is self-healing. It has a dedicated Hive for a Guardian Nanoswarm set up to protect it, a reinforced frame and front bumper which counts the shell as moving 10% slower for purposes of DV if it crashes into something. The cab has a small "armory" section and some Minesweepers have articulated weapon mounts, they also tend to have sharper sensor systems which cover more areas, including nanodetection. To help protect the vehicle, it can also damage objects which attempt to come in contact with it. Adds Industrial Warmachine Armor, Fireproofing, Offensive Armor, Self-Healing, Fractal Digits, Chem Sniffer, Lidar and Nanodetector [Expensive (60,000+)]

Truck Capacity: 4 Handling: +0 Movement Rate 4/32 Max Speed 120 AV 20/16 DUR 300 WT 60
Minesweeper Capacity: 4 Handling: +0 Movement Rate 4/32 Max Speed 100 AV 38/40 DUR 300 WT 60

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