Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Teaching Software

As discussed in Oxford learning is an interesting area of concern for transhumans and their technology. Deep Learning psychosurgery lets one acquire skills quicker in costly procedures, and theoretically one can spend time on Simulspace under time dilation to lose less "real time" on learning something. Oxford itself is a study drug, which stimulates the brain to allow better memory. These ways, learning can be done faster. But, how does one learn better? Simulspace allows for wonderful substitution of "practical" learning, as does XP use - watching someone perform a skill. Skillsofts substitute skill directly by allowing the brain to link up to artificial memory data and access it as if it was their own. AI instructors or simple reference materials abound, with groups like the Argonauts generally dedicated to this sort of dissemination of information. A quick mesh search should reveal quick "how to" guides for most everyday subjects - though technical ones probably require more in-depth instruction. Obviously, educational institutions still exist across the solar system, but this can be expensive and time consuming to afford traditional education. But, sub-AI expert systems allow for a self-paced system of learning which can aid those who wish to acquire new skills.

Teaching Software: This software tool is a comprehensive educational tool which provides all necessary knowledge and instruction for a character to acquire or improve a single skill to basic proficiency. While not a proper AI, this system does have extensive knowledge in a very particular area, and for any purposes required has Profession: Education at 60 and an Academics: [Field] skill of the selected skill at 80. Teaching Software can only cover one skill (which cannot be a Psi skill), and if a new skill is to be taught, a new copy of the software must be bought. In addition to providing all learning needed to spend RP to improve or gain a new skill, the comprehensive library and instructional aids of the software grant a +10 bonus to utilize it's selected skill unless the user has 60+ points in that Skill - indicating their level of knowledge and experience exceeds that of the software, making it only good as a guide for self-study. Teaching Software can cover both active and knowledge skills. Exotic or rare skills may be more expensive. [Low]

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