Monday, December 5, 2016


"Combat" drugs are an interesting subject, very useful substances with specific effects and dubious legality. Substances like Grin, Kick or Phlo (p. 319 EP) have a variety of uses despite unpleasant long-term effects and can generally be acquired without too much trouble, while only the most liberal habitats would allow MRDR or BringIt to be distributed without a raised eyebrow. Generally, the most expensive and useful substances kick in fairly quickly, terminate shortly and tend to only affect one or two specific areas of performance - which helps prevent immediate side effects. But transhumanity is constantly pushing that envelope, and have developed products which last longer and affect multiple aspects of physiology, but with more pronounced effects.

Afterburner: Sometimes just "burner", this drug is a potent, long-lasting stimulant which improves neural connections, including reaction time and muscle control and response. It grants +5 SOM and +10 REF for it's extended duration. However, this comes at the cost of some dissociative effects, granting a -10 to tests to recall the events of the drug's duration. Users of afterburner feel "warmed up" while on it due to slightly higher metabolism, and often act very direct, quick and straightforward. Long term users may find that memory damage becomes permanent, and the strain on the nervous system can cause permanent fine control damage, leading to -10 on all memory-related tests and -5 COO [Moderate]

Afterburner is sold in single or small packages of injectors. In most "professional" sporting circles it is banned outright as a performance enhancing substance, but underground or unofficial groups often encourage a quick bout of 'Burner doping to make events more interesting. Urban legend has it that Afterburner was developed from components of modern jet fuel, but while it is possible some of those were used by it's original engineers as bases, its chemical composition has no similarity to those substances - this may instead be a marketing move, as the main users of Afterburner are pilots and drone jockeys. It was originally developed Pre-Fall for military combat drone operators to improve performance, and with the amnesiac side-effects being a bonus to help alleviate mental stress. Hence the long lasting effects, ideal for long combat operations.

Application: Inj
Onset: 20 Minutes
Duration: 16 Hours
Addiction Modifier: +10
Addiction Type: Mental

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