Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Astradhari Server

Astradhari Server
Mission: Covert Ops
Target: Other Agencies
Territory: 1,500,000-8,000,000
17 Proxies
Average (HR)
Very Rich (MR)
Very Pragmatic
Backup Neutral
Ties to Ultimates or other mercenaries
Influential within Firewall

Astradhari (“wielder of an Astra”) is a Server dedicated to quiet operations to prevent X-risks which arrive via the Gates, primarily in the Outer System (such as the Fissure and Discord gates). Because of this Astradhari has many connections to Ultimates and even new budding groups like Gunboat, who are often contacted through front organizations to solve problems quietly. Due to their associations with the Ultimates, their military bent, and their larger size, the organization of Astradhari leans structuralist, less for purposes of going public, and more for purposes of chain of command. It doesn’t help that it’s placement and mission means it regularly intakes Proxies and Sentinels from the Titanian Commonwealth. Due to being relatively well funded and maintained, Astradhari is considered to have several Proxies who are influential in the group, and their reports of activity going on around the Discord Gate are especially high priority to many other Firewall Servers.

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