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Tools As Weapons

Improvised Weapons (p. 202 EP) covers some basic guideline rules for a variety of weapons a character might use in a pinch if they don't have a proper weapons at hand. Several of these are tools or utility items you might find lying around in a transhuman hab for maintenance and repair uses. Below is a list of some other "tools" which have a variety of relevant uses and thus should be fairly common in many places - which makes them ideal to scavenge or improvise as weapons if needed. Use this list to spice up descriptions of work and maintenance areas, and offer more differentiated options for an improvised weapon.

Arc welding is a metal welding technique where high amounts of electrical current are used to heat metal to melting temperatures, then allow them to cool to fuse together. Modern nanofabrication and repairs allow most items to be made and fixed seamlessly, but for certain scales and timeframes, traditional methods may be more efficient - which means arc welders are still common, especially for large, industrial projects. Modern arc welders are battery powered, using tungsten electrodes and plasma gas to generate the electrical arc. Arc Welders produce high amounts of heat, light and may produce dangerous sparks or debris, so protection while using them is important. Due to the fact that they generate their own medium, they are usable in vacuum.
-6 AP  2d10+5 DV  SA   Average DV 16  Exotic Ranged

This tool works on similar principles to the Particle Beam Bolter (p. 339 EP) accelerating particles to high speeds in order to bore holes or cut or break up things. This tool is typically used in asteroid mining and other excavation for its relative lack of recoil to the effect it generates, and ability to break up or cut through many materials. Typically this tool is large and two-handed, or one-handed with a complex rig to keep it attached to the arm - which makes it awkward to improvise as a weapon in close quarters. It also only has an effective range of many a dozen meters.
-4 AP  3d10+4 DV  SS  Average DV 20  Beam Weapons

Also known as an "angle grinder", this power tool is utilized for cutting, abrading or "cleaning up" materials. While nanoscale manufacturing and cools makes polishing, smoothing and precise dimensions relatively simple - this can be time consuming and energy inefficient and some habs do not have access to these advanced methods. So a simple portable grinder will do. These devices utilize a variety of discs to cut, grind or perform just about any task you could think to accomplish with a rapidly spinning disc. The most sophisticated units use shape-adjusting material discs to get multiple uses out of a single unit. Typically, they feature a handle on the side for greater control, but are technically one handed.
AP -4  3d10+3 DV  Average DV 20  Exotic Melee

While things can easily be fused or attached, traditional methods of attaching are still used, especially in terms of hab construction and repairs. The modern rivet gun is a one-handed item, about the size of an SMG. Most are battery powered and work based on magnetic induction - just like a railgun, but in some cases they utilize compressed air. While their range is short, the rivet generates quite a bit of force, and can be easily modded to be used as a relatively quiet weapon in a pinch by removing safety features. Most hold a rack of about 45 rivets, which can be made of a variety of materials to suit your needs. Modded versions can fire on Full Auto, otherwise the gun is the equivalent of Semi Auto.
AP -5  1d10+5 DV  SA  Average DV 10  Kinetic Weapons

This handsaw has an oscillating blade based on the same principles as the Vibroblade (p. 334 EP), and is useful for cutting a wide variety of materials in a pinch. The damage is very high on this, as most morphs tend to be less resistant than many materials one might encounter. However, to keep control, the weapon has a design which makes it awkward to swing in combat, giving a -20 to combat tests with it. It is much more ideal for cutting through materials, such as to make a door or other hole, damage supports, etc. This gives such saws a bit more utility than simple construction work, and thus very common.
AP -5  4d10+DB DV  Average DV 22+DB  Blades

As noted above, welding and cutting are both very useful to many forms of work - and when you might need to do both there are a variety of thermic rods which can do either in a pinch, depending on the material you're using. These are battery powered, and can be one or two handed, and through advanced materials are fairly reliable and unlikely to burn out rapidly, though some in the past have been known to. The rods reach a very high temperatures, and so safety gear is often important. Hitting a person with one is liable to set them On Fire (p 198 EP) unless conditions would prevent them. Some persons have even taken up using cutting rods as "real" weapons, modifying them to be used like a sword and engaging in deadly fencing matches.
AP -4  2d10+5  Average DV 16  Blades

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