Sunday, October 9, 2016


Learning/studying can be a conundrum for a modern Transhuman. While psychosurgery and simulspace dilation can make more efficient use of time and modern nootropics and cognitive enhancers can help one remember materials better, there is no proper substitute for spending the time and practice needed to develop skills. While some Egos are naturally quick on the uptake, there has been no success in cultivating this feature in morph-lines or as a cognitive enhancement. But, many people not in education or training do not have the time to devote hours to mastering a skill. For people who still want to try and "cram" in the traditional sense, there may be a pharmaceutical solution. "Study" drugs, stimulants and drugs to help focus have existed for long periods, but conventional chemistry can't keep up with ultramodern morphs and cognitive drugs. This requires a new modern blend of compounds to keep up with the transhuman mind.

Oxford: Usually sold as tablets or injector capsules, fundamentally Oxford is a study drug. It utilizes a blend of caffeine and other naturally occurring stimulants with a cocktail of synthesized brain chemicals which stimulate areas of the brain which are associated with certain types of memory - namely those which help a person develop skills or factual knowledge. Quick to take effect but short in duration, Oxford grants a burst of energy and focus which makes the user feel awake and productive. Time spent under the effects of Oxford count double for purposes of improving skills or learning new skills. This benefit does not stack with the Fast Learner trait (p. 146 EP). At GM's discretion, being on Oxford may remove penalties for distractions or lack of sleep - but it works best when a user is already somewhat awake and has time and space to focus on learning. The fact that Oxford is blended from many naturally occurring substances has it's downsides, their chemical makeup is not altered in any way to reduce chances of addiction, so physical dependence among users is common. A long-time Oxford user is easy to spot: they're shaky and unfocused off the drug, and have a uncanny almost robotic focus when on it - and in either case often develop bloodshot eyes or dark circles regardless of how much sleep they need or get. [Low]

Application: Inj, O
Onset: 1 Minute
Duration: 2 Hours
Addiction Modifier: -10
Addiction Type: Physical

(Shoutout to RPPR, I got the name for Oxford from one of their campaigns - though the drug in Tribes of Tokyo was more sinister there than this modeled effect. Free plot hook for GMs who might make this more devious than an addictive, short-term study booster.)

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