Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lightning Gun

The Stunner (p. 339 EP) is a potent electrolaser, designed to incapacitate and stun targets. They use lasers to form an electrical plasma channel to the target, which is the same technology utilized by a Portal Denial System (p. 292 EP) - a security measure which uses a laser grid to send plasma channels to unauthorized persons who pass through it. But PDS come in two conventional types: a non-lethal and a lethal variety. The Stunner is typically marketed as a less-lethal deterrent weapon. But transhuman fascination with electricity, especially "lightning" has not abated with time, and so some designers have made it so high-powered electrolasers can be used with lethal intent.

Lightning Gun: Known by a variety of names, such as "EL Rifle", "Heavy Stunner", "Shock Rifle" or "Ghostbuster", the Lightning Gun is a high-power electrolaser based on the same principle as a Stunner, but utilizes a more intense laser and higher power capacitors to bring a more powerful shock to the target. While the primary purpose of a Stunner is an incapacitating shock, the Lightning Gun is classified as a nominal lethal weapon, like military-grade Portal Denial Systems, and electroshock effects are purely secondary. In proper conditions, the lightning gun causes enough air displacement to make a sharp "crack" or "boom" sound, which while not as intense as natural lightning, is still similar enough to lend the weapon it's most common name. While most stunners are small or medium sized weapons, the Lightning Gun is fully rifle sized. Like a Stunner, it does not operate in vacuum. [High]
AP 0 2d10+5+Shock DV SA Ammo 100
Short: 0-10 Medium: 11-30 Long: 31-60 Extreme: 61-80

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