Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The act of drinking tea remains in the minds of many Transhuman cultures from many national and subcultural backgrounds. While drinking caffeine in all forms is popular as well, there are some who prefer the brewing act of tea itself. This is seen in several substances, such as Mono No Aware (p. 320 EP) which is typically consumed as a tea. Another of these such substances is the aptly named Vitali-Tea, which is typically marketed as a health supplement - harkening to an age of herbal medicine and tea.

Vitali-Tea: A health supplement which is typically brewed then drunk like tea, this compound is a fortifier of the body, designed to boost the immune system, strengthen the body and produces a strong, zen-like state which keeps one's mind clear. The chemicals in the tea stimulate the immune response in a short burst, which makes infection by conventional "diseases" less likely (though generally only test-tube virii can defeat Basic Biomods in the first place), make one feel stronger and better able to move (and helps counteract muscle or joint damage in this way) and keeps the mind calm and focused. For it's duration, it grants +5 SOM, and a +20 on any Test to resist a viral infection or pathogen and against emotional manipulation. On Luna, the drink is commonly used as a workout supplement to keep one up and active while practicing, while others in crowded, refugee-filled habs take it as a regular health supplement. Long-term abusers of Vitali-Tea often have flushed skin, unusual pupil dilation, and inappropriate responses to pain or injury. [Moderate]

Application: O
Onset: 1 Minute
Duration: 1 Hour
Addiction Modifier: -10
Addiction Type: Physical

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