Sunday, October 23, 2016

Underbarrel Torch

The Torch (p. 341 EP) is a fairly useful weapon and tool for area denial and has utility against many unusual threats, such as nanoswarms and alien entities (xenofauna, xenoflora and xenofungus). The self-igniting fuel capsules used by these weapons are particularly useful, though in non-oxygen environments they do not contain enough fuel to sustain a fire for long. They are, however, a somewhat bulky weapon which requires two hands to utilize for average-sized morphs, and due to their specialized nature they may not always be required on an operation - which can make going to the trouble of obtaining and carrying a Torch now worth it. Luckily, weapon designers and security companies have developed a solution for portability with torch-like systems.

Underbarrel Torch: The Underbarrel Torch is a compact, torch-like weapon system which mounts to the underside of a rifle- or SMG -sized weapon, similar to the Underbarrel Seeker (p. 340 EP). This compact configuration makes it much easier to carry and use than a Torch, but means it holds less fuel capsules, and produces less volume and intensity of its flames. Any target hit by an attack which was an Excellent Success is set On Fire, and will take 2d10 DV per Action Turn until it is put out. Similar to the Torch, the flames will not persist long if deprived of oxygen. While torches are seen as utility tools in several habs to handle pest control (both organic and nanotech varieties), the Underbarrel Torch is often more restrictive, due to it's compact nature and association with combat weapons. [Low]
AP -4 2d10 SS Ammo 10
Short: 0-5 Medium: 6-15 Long: 16-30 Extreme: 31-40

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