Friday, October 28, 2016

Electrogravitics System

Electrogravitics is a bit of a misnomer, in that it is a system to counteract the natural effects of gravity utilizing electrical discharge - not generating gravity through electricity (though many Argonaut research papers are being written on this perspective). Normally, this comes in the form of the Electrogravitics Net (p. 332 EP), or "safety net", a web of electrical generators designed to catch a person who is falling and negate the effects of falling at a height. However, as an external device, the safety net requires some preparation to use, and requires access to external power to recharge - which may not be optimal in a safety situation. To this end, technicians have designed a variant of the technology which can be installed directly in Synthmorphs.

Electrogravitics System: This augmentation for synthmorphs embeds an electrical discharge system which can produce massive charge to counteract the effects of gravity, just like the Electrogravitics Net. The capability is roughly matched with that system, able to reduce all damage from a fall of ~50m in 1 G of gravity. Like the Net, this system requires a lot of energy to utilize, and after it is used, it is depleted and must recharge over one hour using the internal power supply of the Synthmorph. Unlike the net, however, the EGS can also be utilized by a Synthmorph for quick bursts of lateral movement. This can grant a +30 to an appropriate Freerunning or Free Fall test to bypass obstacles or reach locations, or in structured time allow the user to quickly burst to move up to 6 meters in a single quick action. The EGS is not usually equipped on flying frames, and cannot be equipped to a Swarmanoid morph. [Moderate]

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