Thursday, October 6, 2016

Exotic Melee Weapon: Whips

Whips are an interesting "weapon" type. Intended as a tool for pain compliance in animals or people, while the whip has some history as a practical weapon (and some interesting uses) it's primary purpose has been replaced by many directed energy weapons, such as agonizers or stunners. And as a weapon, the nature of the construction and methods of it's uses definitely lend it toward the "Exotic". But, for those with the patience to practice, the use of the Whip can provide some unique advantages and surprises. Assuming the user has the appropriate space to utilize a whip properly, whips should provide the Reach bonus regardless of the size of the user or target, and can always be used to perform Subdual attacks (p. 204 EP). All of the following use the skill Exotic Melee Weapon: Whips.

Whip: Also known as a stockwhip or a bullwhip, this is the most traditional type of whip people think of when they think of fighting with whips. They have a short handle and a long lash, which provide the ability to strike or whip with considerable reach, and make loud snapping or cracking noises which can startle people or animals. Traditionally made with leather, the modern whip is usually made of synthetic substances with the lash improved using toughed fibers to be able to inflict serious injuries such as cuts in addition to welts and bruises. Other styles of whip, such as longe whips or cat o' nine tails can be made in this way to produce similar results. [Trivial]
DV 1d10+DB 0 AP

Monofilament Whip: An exotic and dangerous variant, this whip is made with an incredibly thin strand or loop of monofiber to have an incredibly sharp cutting edge. Slashes with this whip will pass through flesh and bone easily, and even the shells of most synths will take deep cuts. This cutting potential comes at a price, however. Monofilament Whips are incredibly fragile, and can easily be broken after a single use in the wrong situation. It takes careful practice to utilize the weapon correctly, and thus, most users of monofilament whips are shadowy assassins in vids, and people without real combat experience who try and imitate them. [Low]
DV 2d10+DB -8 AP

Smart Whip: The most sophisticated type of whip for combat use, or any sort of use, Smart Whips are built along principles of smart materials and electronic rope. Other than some unique coloration or texturing, these whips look fairly conventional, but smart materials embedded in the lash and linked to the handle allow some very interesting uses. With simple touches and angles of the handle, the user can alter the course and speed of a Smart Whip mid-swing, making them more accurate and more forceful than conventional whips. While not as potent as the monofilament whip, a Smart Whip can generate a dense, sharp tip to slash, or more easily coil and wrap around a target. Users of the Smart Whip gain a +10 bonus on Subdual attacks, and can make Called Shots without the usual -10 penalty. [Low]
DV 1d10+3+DB -3 AP

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