Friday, October 14, 2016

Penetrator Seekers

Kinetic penetrators have a long history with heavy munitions. While HEAP rounds (p. 340 EP) mix explosives with hot, melting metals to produce a great penetrative force which still maintains some area-effect as a consequences, Kinetic Penetrators (typically using discarding sabots, though some are just slugs of metal with gyrojet engines on them) discard any ability to affect secondary targets (except perhaps an unfortunate target immediately behind the first) for slight edges in armor penetration. They make an ideal mix with accushot smart ammo (p. 338 EP) and armed with stabilizing fins, but proximity or homing ammunition is also possible.

Penetrator: This type of seeker (not grenade) utilizes a single, solid kinetic penetrator with a drive encased in a discarding sabot, which maximizes the force of the Seeker Weapon into a small, dense package. These penetrators are made of dense, heavy metals similar to AP ammo in regular kinetic weapons. They produce no area effect, but strike single targets with great penetrating force. This does mean, however, they tend to cause overall less damage to a target. While nothing special in most Seeker weapons, full-size weapons or vehicle mounts often find this greater penetration useful due to their larger projectiles. [Moderate]
AP -9 3d10+4 DV, K Armor

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