Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Social drugs occupy an interesting space in AF 10. Many of them are useful tools to bring people who may not be suited for social situations to a relatively competent level, or enhance the performance of those in social circles. While they may have potent side-effects or behavioral components, most have uses which are considered socially acceptable. One might not always enjoy the sight or sound of a person on Alpha, Hither or Juice (p. 320-21 EP), but they have their purposes. Other social drugs, however, may be more publicly frowned upon, despite also having clear advantageous uses.

DCV: Usually sold in small inhalers or vapor rubs, DCV is a social drug specifically engineered to make the user a better liar. It accomplishes this with a mild relaxant effect, which makes it easier to control heart-rate, pupil dilation and other classical "tells" of lying, but not so far as to be as unsettling as the Emotional Dampers implant. It also helps inhibit areas of the brain generally associated with self-doubt, guilt or regret - making it easier for the user to engage in a lie or deceptive behavior. These effects are not intense, however, so DCV does not overcome many dedicated truth-detecting methods, nor can it keep someone calm in serious life-or-death situations. It grants a +10 bonus on Deception and Impersonation checks for the duration.[Low]

Marketing-wise, DCV is usually sold as a niche enhancement for actors and performance artists, or occasionally to people who work in covert government or research projects and need to keep their mouths shut regularly. But, it has a thriving secondary market in con artists, spies and people who are just terrible everyday liars. DCV is not intrinsically habit forming, and most users do not find the feeling intense enough to become addicted under normal circumstances. That said, people who make regular use of the drug tend to regularly require performance enhancement to lie, so they may have habits related to deception which go beyond substance abuse.

Application: D, Inh
Onset: 1 Minute
Duration: 8 Hours
Addiction Modifier: N/A
Addiction Type: N/A

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