Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hand Stunner

The Hand Laser (p. 308 EP) is a fairly common and typically affordable implant for combat morphs or personal defense - especially if a habitat has loose personal armament laws. It makes an effective weapon in that it is self-charging and cannot be removed short of gross physical damage to the morph, though like most small pulse lasers, it is not a high output weapon. But for some, the act of violence on another is unpleasant or immoral. Some may wish to utilize cybernetics to defend themselves, but try and avoid permanent injury to the other party. Other locales have strict regulations on law enforcement or other government personnel when it comes to harming citizenry. For this case, there is the Hand Stunner.

Hand Stunner: Similar to the Hand Laser, this implant embeds an electrolaser through flexible components in the forearm, with the lens aperture emerging between knuckles on the dominant hand. Same as the Hand Laser, the Hand Stunner is powered by a self-charging nuclear battery embedded in the torso. Because of the lower power, the Hand Stunner has better efficiency than a Hand Laser, but still less than an external Stunner, holding a total of 100 shots. This hand stunner deals 1d10/2+Shock DV and has an AP of 0. It fires in Semi-Auto mode. Like a regular Stunner, the Hand Stunner does not work in Vacuum. [Moderate]

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