Monday, October 10, 2016

Brand Name Weapons #3 - Medusan Arms

Medusan Arms
Another subsidiary of Gorgon Defense Systems, and sister company to Medusan Shield, Medusan Arms specializes in personal scale weaponry to provide personal defense or outfit small, private security teams - such as bodyguards. These weapons tend to be of higher quality than many other mass-market weapons, with the most expensive designs custom-adjusted for the buyer. Generally they are sleek weapons of simple artistry, but are difficult to customize aftermarket in order to stall the Extropian tendency to reverse engineer and alter IP.

Medusan Arms Arma PDW:
Considered to be a "signature" weapon of Medusan Arms, the Personal Defense Weapon is an anti-armor light weapon for use in close-quarters or by personnel carrying lighter weapons. It's mostly marketed for security or self-defense purposes, a countermeasure to the ubiquity of body armor or armored clothing. To this end, the Arma model uses "proprietary" armor-piercing ammunition, and has a compact design with a large magazine capacity, and can be used easily in both one or two hands. It also comes standard with a x2 mechanical sight, but this can easily be replaced. The Arma has drawn some concerns from the public due to how MA and their parent company GDS tend to aggressively pursue those who attempt to manufacture off-brand ammunition for the Arma, with many tort claims related to "hurting the effectiveness of the product" - leaving many copycats to forge off-brand versions of the PDW itself. Reduce the penalty for the Attacker being in Melee by 10. This weapon only uses AP ammunition. [Moderate]
AP -6 2d10 DV SA/BF/FA  Ammo 42

Medusan Arms Longinus Sniper Rifle:
The Longinus is a high impact Sniper Rifle made for law enforcement and security purposes. It has precision components, a heavy barrel, attached bipod and precision stock, and an increased magazine capacity, all to deliver maximum accuracy and control at range. Commonly, this weapon is paired with accushot ammo for maximum precision at a distance. Of course, this comes at a price, the Longinus is heavy and expensive, and critics consider the weapon over-engineered for marksman purposes, but it still remains popular with Police Snipers in the LLA and Martian City-States. The Longinus comes with a variable (x6/x8/x10) Imaging scope. Increase maximum range of this weapon by 20%, but this weapon cannot be fired while in melee combat. [High]
AP -12 2d10+10 DV SA  Ammo 20

Medusan Arms Sica Personal Defense Pistol:
The Sica model is a light pistol model which uses the same type of ammunition as the Arma PDW. While it lacks a lot of "stopping power" compared to most pistols, the weapon has phenomenal armor penetration for such a light pistol, and may be more useful in situations with armored enemies. The pistol also has low recoil making it fairly good for target or competition shooting also. This weapon only uses AP ammunition. [Low]
AP -5 2d10-2 DV SA/BF/FA  Ammo 24

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