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Recreational drugs of all kinds are an interesting subject in AF 10. Many people are stressed, poor or suffer lingering trauma from the Fall and other damaging events. Some people may feel oppressed or limited by their governments, while others have incredible freedoms to pursue chemical recreation. Variations, both real and synthetic on many classic narcotics abound, though the enhancement of the transhuman body often makes these less appealing, or the systemic damage too costly to consider when substances like Petals (p. 322 EP) exist. Some cartels operate traditional methods, using hidden or subverted habs to grow and process traditional products (Amphetamines, Opioids and Cocaine) and smuggle them into other habitats to sell - though in many polities in the Inner System, this "smuggling" is more to do with avoiding paying taxes, licensing fees or avoiding quality checks for liability. Much more common, however, is small time dealers and experts developing new, synthetic substances - street and designer drugs which appear out of small clubs, neighborhoods and back rooms in the LLA and Mars, occasionally getting popular enough to flourish and spread to wider markets. One example of this is "Monochrome".

Monochrome: Monochrome is a fairly basic designer drug, which originates in the LLA. Inspired by tales of people so deeply affected by the Fall that they use AR to make their whole world appear in grayscale colors, several enterprising amateurs produced the substance to mimic these effects. Monochrome produces a strong effect of narcotic euphoria, removing "bad vibes" and minorly relieving stress, pain or sadness - and is used by some to counteract long-term depression or PTSD. More striking is the fact that it mutes the vividness of colors or dulls the other senses, sometimes even going so far as to render everything in shades of gray. At GM's discretion, one may gain a +10 bonus to appropriate tests for their euphoria, but take -10 on certain Perception tests (especially as relates to coloration or saturation). Long-term Monochrome users tend to develop unusual pupil dilation and discolored irises, and sensory damage may become permanent [Trivial]

Monochrome is such a popular, common design that it has pervaded all over the Solar System, with some forms even appearing in the tightly controlled Jovian Republic. This popularity makes it relatively cheap and easy to get a hold of. It is commonly sold in small packs of inhalers or liquid bulbs. "Chromers" turn to the drug for a variety of reasons, some pursue the unique aesthetic, others can't afford better quality drugs (including pharmaceuticals) to cope with their problems, and some people just prefer the high. It's popularity leads to variance, some of which are more dangerous - and sometimes not because of conventional side-effects, but also more than one batch of Monochrome has been tainted with something more sinister...

Type: Chem
Application: Inh, O
Onset: 1 Hour
Duration: 16 Hours
Addiction Modifier: 0
Addiction Type: Physical

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