Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Brand Name Weapons #4 - Ultimate Security

Ultimate Security Agneyastra Seeker Rifle:
One of the first proprietary weapon systems of Ultimate Security (now just "the Ultimates"), this is a high-power and rapid fire Seeker weapon to deliver damaging payloads of a variety was originally envisioned to fight armored vehicles and drones, but became useful against TITAN warbots and Exhuman invaders, and so is commonly seen in the hands of Rajput and Purifiers. The Agneyastra only fires Minimissiles, but has an expanded magazine and multi-fire capacity. It's also made balanced to be used in multiple environments. It is commonly used with HEAP, Plasmaburst or Thermobaric seekers. [High]
SA/BF Ammo 9

Ultimate Security Indraastra Railgun Automatic Rifle:
The Indraastra is a rifle designed after the Fall specifically for use by Ultimates advanced forces deployed to Exoplanets and other high security sites, such as against rogue TITAN tech. The Indraastra is a powerful, railgun rifle with enhanced range and ammo capacity designed to deliver high armor penetration and kinetic impact to armored targets. These weapons aren't friendly to non-humanoid morphs, and tend to be complex to repair but fairly reliable. On needs skill to fix, but it should function for long periods in the field. Increase maximum range on this weapon by 20%. [High]
AP -9 2d10+10 DV SA/BF/FA  Ammo 36

Ultimate Security Vajra Plasma Rifle:
Another tool common to the Purifiers among the Ultimates based around the Pandora Gates, the Vajra is a powerful model which pushes the capabilities of a Plasma Rifle with cutting edge magnetic focused systems. This gives it a slightly better range and kinetic force when fired. The Vajra also has cutting edge heat sinks, meaning it can be fired in Vacuum for an additional round before needing to cool. Vajras also come equipped with Nuclear Batteries at all times to build back up power at all times. This also makes them maintenance heavy and complex to repair. Increase maximum range on this weapon by 10%. [Expensive (Minimum 30,000)]
AP -8 3d10+22 DV SA  Ammo 10

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