Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tactical Sling

The Arm Slide (p. 342 EP) is a very handy attachment to many pistol-sized weapons, allowing them to be drawn in a flash from a concealed position up a person's sleeves. However, this is limited to smaller, lighter weapons which may be a detriment to those in situations where more heavy armaments are required, and even traditional two-point slings take some time to draw. Some get around this solution by using magnetic systems embedded in armor and weapons to hold them in place - but this can be more expensive and requires either additional power draw or constantly active native magnets. Others utilize grip pad materials, which while slightly less expensive, can occasionally have similar awkwardness. Both of these methods are also dependant on armor - requiring specific hardpoint placement and gear to be used. A simpler solution by many is to use double-sided Grip Tape to stick a weapon anywhere - but many regard this as "unprofessional". There are, however, more primitive solutions.

Tactical Sling: Taking the form of a classic 3-point sling, this accessory for a rifle-sized weapon allows it to be carried on a harness attached to the body of the user. The advantage of this design is that the weapon is not lost on the ground if dropped, and can be quickly pulled up to an active position, even with one hand. This often frees up limbs for quick switching between tasks. The style of the sling is simple, and they can be made from a variety of materials and looks - the most basic often coming in simple matte or drab colors, but others can even be camouflages or chameleonic. While attempting to conceal the weapon it is attached to, one cannot use the Tactical Sling (to do so would make it no longer concealed) but it might assist a character in carrying it. [Trivial]

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