Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mobile Greenhouse

Mobile Greenhouse
A creation typically used by various Nomads on Mars, though variants of these can be found throughout the solar system. They feature lightweight but rigid base with wheels and an inflated and pressurized tube of translucent polymers, forming a large pressure tent. The inside features a collapsible and highly modular system of supports and endoskeletal struts which can be used to assemble planters, water systems, hooks for hydroponics and many other agriculture or aquaculture needs. They average about 38 square meters of surface, but their interior volume is flexible and multiple greenhouses can be linked together for more space. They have eight wheels, and are typically towed, but have a small electric motor and manual controls to self-propel if needed. They have rechargeable batteries linked to extendable solar panels, as a Greenhouse requires exposure to sunlight to function. Almost all modern Mobile Greenhouses come equipped with either integrated nanoswarm hives, or apiaries for Gardener Bees or Wasps. With their internal environmental controls, and enough plant material, they can provide indefinite life support to up to half a dozen transhumans. Some Scum ships are even known to attach greenhouses to the hull or tow them in space for extremely “ghetto” hydroponics or living space rigs. Comes with exterior floodlights and a Spindle to act as a tow cable. [High]

Capacity: 1-6
Handling: -10
Movement Rate: 4/20
Max Speed: 40
AV: 10/10
DUR: 40
WT: 8

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