Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Toxin ammo

Conventional firearms offer some of the broadest application of ammunition options, both "smart" and based in regular technology. Many of these have utility applications, like jamming or tracking rounds, or less-lethal options like plastic or zap gel rounds. Capsule or splash rounds can be used to deliver a wide variety of payloads, and many conventional ammunition designs such as armor penetrators or hollowpoints can increase conventional combat effectiveness. But, some people don't play by the rules of engagement - if they even have any. For those with access to easy refinement and separation of elements and compounds (via Nanofabrication) there are some nastier options with which one can load a gun.

Toxin: These rounds are specifically made from a blend of compounds and heavy metals which are toxic to most transhuman biochemistries. Some blends may even be mildly radioactive. The result is that being struck with such a round tends to release elements into the bloodstream, which can cause some acute effects in a short timeframe, but most bodies with basic biomods will also quickly take them out of the system, and prevents the most serious long-term side effects. When a biomorph or pod is hit by an attack using Toxin ammo, they must make a DUR test, taking 10 DV per Action turn for 1 action turn per MoF, which ignores armor. Medichines makes this a DUR x2 test, and those with Toxin Filters are completely immune. Passing the test still grants a -10 penalty to all tests for 1 Action turn, as if from a Wound. Luckily, the exotic or at least non-standard composition of this ammunition impacts their ability to function as bullets, reducing both the DV and the AP of the firearm by 2. [Low]

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