Thursday, September 8, 2016

Armor Nanotech

Nanotech and smart material integration has done wonders for armor technology in AF 10. Systems like Lotus Coating, Immunogenic System and Reactive Coating (p. 313 EP) all integrate nanobots directly or utilize advanced materials science to offer great enhancements or new technological options in armor technology. But there are some even more complex and potent enhancements possible to armor, if one is willing to pay the additional costs to install them. Many of these are derived by studying techniques and technologies developed or utilized by TITAN platforms during the Fall, and using transhuman technology to produce them - which in turn has its own limitations.

NxRA: Non-Explosive Reactive Armor is a modification of the concept or reactive armor, derived from "Deflector" technology show by many advanced TITAN weapon systems during the Fall. This modification embeds the surface of the armor with small but very powerful superconducting capacitors. When a physical object strikes the armor, the capacitors discharge, producing localized but incredibly potent magnetic fields. This force is enough to deflect or divert many small physical projectiles, but does not necessarily completely cancel the force they have. Its entirely possible for a round to bounce off one area of the target and strike another portion before the capacitors cycle, or hit an adjacent target. Even so, it is a potent defense for those who can afford its cost, usually preferring to mount it on combat drones or vehicles. This mod grants a -20 penalty to physical projectile attacks, such as Seekers and Kinetic Weapons. The internal power which rapidly fills the capacitors holds enough power for 10 uses at a time, and will completely recharge in one hour. [High]

Smart Chaff: Conventional chaff countermeasures are still utilized by armored vehicles, aerial drones and even spacecraft for their purpose of defeating or weakening munitions guided by radar or lidar. Smart Chaff is a countermeasure which is conceptually similar to the conventional kind in that it has a marked similarity to the idea of the protective husk or shell to plants, and is used primarily to combat explosive weapons. The smart chaff system builds small launchers into set of armor or armored shell which when they detect an oncoming explosive munition, spray a tiny set of smart material particles into the air in the direction of the explosive. These smart particles adjust their shape and attitude as they move through the air, forming a fine mist which functions to absorb or deflect oncoming waves of heat and pressure. While fairly potent in this function, deflecting force away from the user or functioning as a temporary "ablative" layer for heat or other radiation, the Smart Chaff has such minimal mass on its own, it is completely ineffective at stopping explosives with a kinetic component, such as shrapnel from a Fragmentation grenade, or the penetrator in a HEAP seeker. This mod adds 10 points of Energy Armor against explosive weapons like Grenades and Seekers. This bonus can only be applied to attacks the user is aware of. The system holds 5 uses at a time, and recovers 1 user per hour. [High]

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