Thursday, September 15, 2016


Prosthesis (Synth)
In the decades before cyberbrain technology and mind uploading was reliable, the only recourse for persons with medical or job requirements to utilize a Synthetic body was the full-body prosthetic. This system actually extracts the brain of the subject and places them in a custom built synth shell, designed to mimic a normal body. Due to its use for security or medical purposes, Prosthesis also tend to come equipped with strong sensory enhancements and a fortified body, to allow the user to function at high potential, while also mimicking normal human functions. These improvements tended to make the models expensive. However, due to being an older design, the faces and expressions of the prosthesis tend to be vacant, doll-like or otherwise subtly off-putting to most transhumans. These days, Prosthesis are almost exclusively used by rich bioconservatives (usually for their intended purpose of medical replacement), or by morph hipsters who enjoy the throwback in terms of synths to using a human brain in a can.
Enhancements: Access Jack, Basic Mesh Inserts, Chem Sniffer, Cortical Stack, Brain Box, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Mnemonic Augmentation, Pneumatic Limbs, Synthetic Mask
Movement Rate: 4/20 (Walker)
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7
Advantages: +5 SOM, +5 REF, +5 to one Aptitude of your choice, Armor 8/8
Notes: Uncanny Valley trait
CP Cost: 35
Credit Cost: Expensive (35,000+)

(The Prosthesis is a morph design I've run a few revisions through. The concept was to utilize the Brain Box in a different way, and harken to a lot of earlier cyberpunk material with a wholly synthetic body which did not replace the brain. What purpose could such a design have? Obviously a full-body prosthetic - with the terminology borrowed mostly from Ghost In The Shell. Of course, making a good synth, especially having to re-add some implants normally covered by a Cyberbrain, makes a quite expensive model, masked or no. This fits the requirements of the setting, of course, and given advances in Synthmorph/Cyberbrain technology, such a specific caveat for the Prosthesis means they're likely to be uncommon and expensive to build - this style of design has fallen out of favor. Like a lot of Synths, it makes a decent start to a combat morph, but can be general enough that one might find a use for it multiple niches).

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