Thursday, September 22, 2016


Amorph (Pod)
A long-rumored creation said to have been designed by Scum Genehackers, Extropian morph houses or Extrasolar Exhumans, the Amorph is a simple concept, a transgenic pod based on Factor biological data. Obtaining the samples to produce this morph was very difficult, and the end result is a pod which functions similar to the Bouba module, but with organic compounds which at passing glance resembles a Factor. The final version is a translucent, colored gel with cyberbrain components suspended inside it, with a bioweave shell to give it more security and substance. While they can flex to many shapes and sizes, most who sleeve in the Amorph tend to use their skinflex ability to shift into a roughly humanoid shape to make it easier to relate to others, though the morph can technically perceive both electrical current and the EM spectrum in a broad 360 view. The intrinsic abilities of the factor genetics used also means Amorphs develop eelware, skinlink and toxin glands. Their strange, distributed nature and shocking resilience also tends to embolden the wearers. Amorphs are slightly sticky to the touch, and look and feel a bit like gummi bears. Domestic intelligence agencies and Firewall are highly interested in this design for use to potentially infiltrate Factors.
Implants: 360 Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Bioweave Armor (Light), Chameleon Skin, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Eelware, Electrical Sense, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Vision, Grip Pads, Mnemonic Augmentation, Poison Gland (Factor Dust Toxin), Skinflex, Skinlink, Squishbot, Swim Bladder, Toxin Filters
Movement Rate: Snake 4/16, Swim 4/16
Aptitude Maximum: 30 (20 SOM)
Durability: 30
Wound Threshold: 6
Advantages:  +10 COO, +5 WIL
Notes: Social Stigma (Pod), Social Stigma (Alien), Alien Biochemistry
CP Cost: 40
Credit Cost: Expensive (80,000+)

(The Amorph is probably the second morph I put serious effort into using the Morph Creation System. In several books, the concept of making a morph based on Factor "genetics" is discussed, both just as a market move or as a covert move by groups like Firewall. The inclusion of Squishbot in Transhuman also kind of set some precedent for a gelatinous morph as well. Other than that, the Amorph was built to model to the best of transhumanity's ability the natural abilities of the Factors. Of course what they do is entirely biological - or at least looks like it, while the Amorph has to rely on cyberware and nanoware to make up the difference. The cost on this is ludicrously high for roleplaying reasons, a GM could easily reduce the cost down to match the CP cost if they felt like it, but it might not match the exclusivity of the design)

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