Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Black Lightening

For most transhumans, caffeine is a popular "addiction", but mostly a cosmetic one. The effects of caffeination are limited compared to real nootropics or stimulants, or the enhancements inherent to a morph, but many also have an acquired habit from the past. It is a social habit as well, with many transhumans still enjoying a "morning coffee" or a "tea time" with others - Old Earth nostalgia being a prime factor. But for Synthmorphs and Infomorphs, these rituals are no longer possible. Sure, XP or VR can mimic the sensation, but this is still consuming a form of media, not a product. This is where Black Lightening comes in.

Black Lightening: This narcoalgorithm is designs as an analog for caffeine or other stimulants, which works by digitally simulating centers in the cyberbrain (or emulator software) which mimic a refreshing jolt of coffee. Users feel more pep, and are more active, and tend to feel like they can react faster, or get more done. This last aspect is actually because the algorithm also includes a time sense dilator, users actually experience that they move and react quicker to thinks, similar to the Neurochem implant, and gain +1 Speed while using the algorithm. Combined with the stimulant experience, the user feels an improvement in productivity and energy which is akin to how many felt on caffeine before, or many felt that they should feel. However, this stimulation has some downsides. Many also are jumpy, erratic or impatient - they have high volumes of energy they feel compelled to use on something, which may come out as nervous or repetitive gestures (pacing, tapping) or an inability to sit still or wait. Users must make a WILx3 test to remain passive or wait for something to happen, with failure indicating they need to take some form of action rather than wait. [Low]

Application: Run
Onset: Instant
Duration: 3 Hour
Addiction Modifier: +0
Addiction Type: Mental

Black Lightening is often sold for Synths in small packages which resemble k cups or tea bags, but are plugged directly into the access jacks.

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