Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Type: Tidally Locked
Jovian Moon
Primary Star: M4V (Red Dwarf)
Satellite Of: Alfheimr (95 Earth Masses)
Gravity: .05 g
Diameter: 1,522.8 km
Atmospheric Pressure: 0 atm
Atmospheric Composition: N/A
Surface Temperature (Mean): 180 C
Day Length: N/A
Orbital Period: 52 Days
Satellites: None
Gate Access: Fissure Gate
Notes: High Population of System Bodies, Resources Available, Alien Archaeological Traces
Discovered by a Scum group of “vikings” from Phelan’s Recourse (hence the norse/germanic
naming), Merowech is an interesting mirror to Oberon and the Fissure Gate. A small,
tidally locked moon around a small jovian world (Alfheimr), in a standard Red Dwarf system with
a high volume of planetary bodies. Merowech is cold, airless, with a layer of ices over a hard,
rocky crust. Planetary surveys indicate that Merowech is ideal for volatile mining, and so some
have placed an interest in the world, but can’t come to a clean agreement due to the stipulations
about the Fissure Gate. Much more interesting are the alien traces on this world, mostly
exploration marks around the Gate which have survived due to a lack of erosive forces, and
several artifacts discovered. Called “Alfur Tren” or “Elf Trees”, they are mysterious treelike
constructs which appear to “grow” out of the surface of Merowech, and are all composed of a
mixture of crystalline “shells” or “skin”, and a primary composition of precious metals. They are
also highly reflective, appearing luminous when placed in almost any light. When placed in an
atmosphere, they appear to “hum” slightly, though they do not appear to vibrate when scanned.
Many consider this hum to be soothing, or have an otherwise positive emotional aspect (though
many Asyncs have noted it has no effect on them, or is slightly annoying, like someone playing
a piece of music on repeat). Elf Trees are moderately robust, but also very fragile; they seem to
ignore extremes of temperature and radiation, but crumple to dust when exposed to significantly
high gravity or pressure, but do not react to “artificial” gravity of many habitats. Due to their
pleasing looks, precious composition and relative rarity, Elf Trees are a moderately valuable
artifact back insystem. They are only found on the “day” side of Merowech, and leading theory
they are the byproduct of some alien nanotech, similar to TITAN “termite mounds” and fractal
burrows. Exact analysis is difficult however, as their outer layers are resistant to many kinds of
scans and almost any damage to the object causes the entire thing to shatter, turning into an
inert pile of dust of metals such as gold, platinum or iridium. The Merowech Gate is located in a
bottom of a crater intersecting a chasma in proximity to the tidal “pole” of Merowech on the Alfheimr side, with the small jovian hanging prominently in the sky, reflecting a gold-white
color. Some who spend time out under the stars and sky under Alfheimr report a similar hum to the Elf Trees and an inexplicable compulsion to go toward or reach out for the Gas Giant. Many people
who have slept on Merowech report unusual dreams about tall, luminous figures.

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