Monday, September 26, 2016

Brand Name Weapons #2 - PSC

Polite Society Collective (PSC)
The PSC is an Anarchist collective focused on production of self and station-defense weapons, their name derived from the phrase "An armed society is a polite society". Originally made by pirating designs from the Inner System, the group's work has evolved into its own style of simple, utilitarian designs made to easily come out of and be assembled from nanofabricators. This has led to some weapon's experts and aficionados to derisively refer to their weapons as "box guns" for their simplistic designs.

PSC "Adjudicator" Heavy Pistol:
"Why wouldn't you use a heavy pistol?" - Anarchist militia member
The first major blueprint launched by the Polite Society Collective, the Adjudicator is one of the most ubiquitous models of pistol on the AA, often at the top of fabricator lists. Built on the most basic principles, the weapon is also the source of the "boxgun" complaints, with straight angles which are easy to make in a fabricator. Compact, easily adjusted to any morphology, the Adjudicator is built along the principle of "why not use the largest bullet for self-defense". It's shortened design also makes it easy to draw and fire in close-quarters, with a slight loss of range not usually noticed in the tight confines of Anarchist habs. Decrease the maximum range of this weapon by 20%, reduce the penalty for the Attacker being in Melee by 10. [Low]
AP -4 2d10+6 DV SA/BF Ammo 8

PSC "Liberator" Assault Rifle:
The right arm of the Autonomist world, the Liberator model was produced after the Battle of Locus, and has spread to a majority of Anarchist militias in the outer system. The model has also begun appearing in the hands of militant Barsoomians on Mars. The Liberator is a balanced, model designed for fighting in close-quarters on space habs, but keeps most of it's range for "repelling boarders". While slightly more complex than most PSC designs, the Liberator is still fairly modular and easy to assemble, ready to go to defend liberty and autonomy. Decrease the max range of this weapon by 10%. [Moderate]
AP -6 2d10+6 DV SA/BF/FA  Ammo 35

PSC "Sunburst" Plasma Rifle:
In terms of power and utility, almost all accept that the Plasma Rifle is the primary type of weapon, with Plasma's thermal damage unlikely to breach many outer pressure hulls and having advantages against rogue nanotech. PSC produces a "slim" model with better energy efficiency which produces a lighter induction of plasma, meaning it doesn't hit as hard, but is less expensive to construct and easier on the outputs. It also features a reserve battery system, so it can hold two batteries at once meaning it can be switched between the two as a Quick Action, but both can be completely replaced in one Complex Action. Decrease the maximum range of this weapon by 20%, reduce the penalty for the Attacker being in Melee by 10. [Expensive (10,000)]
AP -7 3d10+18 DV SA  Ammo 14

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