Friday, September 9, 2016


Also called "Scalp Contracts", scalphunting is a type of job or contract order common on Extropia, and some other habitats of those political leanings. In Extropian economic models, just about every service is provided via a contract, this includes odd jobs. So, for those people who need short-term, high-pay, high-urgency jobs done - there is scalp contracts. These services are usually put out on a "first come, first serve" basis, and form short term job contracts rather than steady pay for a continuous service. There is minimal negotiation in a Scalp Contract, though there are often small percentage bonuses for a high speed accomplishing the task, but failing such a contract (as many of them have short time frames to complete) will typically result in a rep hit. Extropia's local mesh is awash in these jobs, both through personal social media posts, and many job posting services, who make their profit on minute percentages of the job pay. Larger hypercorps on Extropia often accomplish a similar service by subcontracting to "gofer" corps, who do such odd jobs on a regular contractual basis, though this is never quite as popular as just going "scalphunting". The term gets its origin from several historical uses of the term "scalping" in association with money-making.

Mechanical Considerations: Finding a Scalphunting job is an appropriate Networking or Research test. They should be the kind of job one can accomplish in a short period of time with a skill test or two and pays relatively well compared to the amount of effort. GMs, assign a price in a few hundred to a few thousand Credits based on projected difficulty and time frame, and figure out a few applicable skills to do the job, preferably a mix of Active and Knowledge skills.

Scalphunting Ideas:

  • A mercenary contractor is about to ship out, but left his order of Ramen back in the Noodle. He leaves in less than an hour. Pays 500. Applicable skills: Flight, Freerunning, Free Fall, Pilot: Aircraft
  • A pet owner is looking to recover their rare Profundan micrograv cat, which has gotten lost in the station. First person to find the cat gets paid 500.
  • A small group is planning an ad hoc recreation of "Where's Waldo" in Progress Plaza and is planning for about 4 hours. Pays 750. Applicable skills: Disguise, Infiltration, Academics: Kinesiology, Art: Performance
  • A restaurant is trying an unusual marketing technique, handing out physical flyers as people come in. Need to hand out a packet of flyers before the dinner rush in 6 hours. Pays 1,000. Applicable skills: Persuasion, Art: Design, Profession: Cool Hunting, Profession: Viral Marketing
  • A legal firm is looking for a way to serve papers to an unpleasant businessman on Extropia who is keenly avoiding known employees. They need to do it in the next 24 hours, or there will be further contract snafus. Pays 2,000. Applicable skills: Deception, Intimidation, Persuasion, Interest: Extropian Legal Codes, Profession: Law
  • A member of a hyperelite dynasty is preparing to meet with a matchmaker and a potential political spouse in 6 hours, and needs some coaching on some particular cultural and social norms before the meeting. Pays 5,000. Applicable skills: Art: Speech, Interest: Old-Earth Trivia, Interest: Transhuman Culture, Profession: Diplomat.
  • An eccentric resident wants to solve their own murder, and so needs someone to kill them. 24 hour time to set up, pays 10,000 and waives any legal fees or penalties. Applicable skills: Infiltration, Academics: Criminology, Art: Writing, Profession: Forensics, Profession: Police Procedures

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