Saturday, September 10, 2016

Brand Name Weapons #1 - ScumTek

ScumTek is not so much a weapon design group as it is a loosely associated group of weapons otaku and Scum nanofab jocks who regularly correspond around the Solar System on exotic, niche or experimental weapon designs. Their weapons often push the boundaries of commonly-available tech, and also of common sense. While their weapons are often unusual or impractical, their designs have found some merit among Scum Swarms, gun nuts, a handful of Anarchist militias and especially Criminals with a penchant for showy equalizers. ScumTek hardly claims responsibility for most of their designs, as they are all open source with engineered capabilities for modifications - both structural and cosmetic.

ScumTek Outback Hawk Heavy Pistol:
The quintessential ScumTek weapon design, the Outback Hawk is a slightly over-sized heavy pistol model which features an even larger caliber round and "personalized" blend of ignition brick. This means the weapon packs a bigger punch than even a normal heavy pistol. The downside is that the weapon requires even more recoil compensation technology than normal, which means that automatic and burst fire mechanisms had to be removed to make room, and the larger size of ammunition means less overall magazine capacity. A common field modification is to replace these functions, though this is known to produce a marked decrease in accuracy. The use of specialized caseless material means there is not a railgun version of this weapon. Increase range of this weapon by 50%. [Low]
AP -4 2d10+6 DV SA  Ammo 8

ScumTek "Oozer" Machine Pistol:
Another ScumTek design made popular my modern crime and action vids, the Oozer is an attempt to build a cheap, small automatic weapon. It features a blocky, streamlined SMG frame made of basic composites which are easy to produce in a fabber. The weapon can easily be fired one-handed, as it uses smaller than normal ammunition in order to have a higher magazine capacity and even more balanced recoil. This is good because standard, the weapon only fires in bursts or on full automatic. The Oozer is even commonly obtained with technically "aftermarket" extended magazines and a block suppressor on the barrel. Due to it's size and composition, Perception checks to notice this weapon when concealed on a person are at -10. Reduce range of this weapon by 10%. [Low]
AP -1 2d10+1 DV BF/FA  Ammo 30

ScumTek "Perforator" Automatic Sniper Rifle:
"Ever wanted your long-range, precision weapon to fire on full auto? Now you can!" - quote from a ScumTek mesh forum
The Perforator is a solid example of the ScumTek ethos. Take a weapon designed for one thing, and play with the design until it also does something else. The Perforator is slightly bulkier than a normal Sniper Rifle. In addition to to the additional firing modes, the Perforator has an extended magazine, a reinforced precision stock, and an integral flash and sound suppressor. The weapon is also almost always equipped with an Imaging Scope. [High]
AP -12 2d10+10 DV SA/BF/FA  Ammo 24

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