Friday, September 23, 2016

Dual Purpose Grenades

Dual Grenades
Also called "Dual Phase Grenades" or "Dual Purpose Grenades", these munitions take advantage of minifacturing technology to allow a single standard-sized grenade shell to hold the payload of two minigrenade types. These grenades come with both physical and wireless-activated switches, allowing one to pick which type of payload to detonate easily in the moment, and combine with any number of detonation options. Purchasing this addition combines two types of minigrenades into a single device the size of a standard grenade, and may not be added to extant minigrenades without being completely disassembled and rebuilt in a fabber. Only the DV and effects of one minigrenade type are used when it is detonated, but which is detonated can be changed at any time before it actually goes off. Dual Grenades can also be Sticky (p. 341 EP). [Low] (plus cost of the minigrenades)

Dual Grenades have many uses and combinations. A standard military loadout mixes Concussion minigrenades with Frag minigrenades, allowing one to pick a situation where stunning force is better, or to inflict lethal harm. Riot police may mix CR Gas or Smoke charges with an Overload charge, depending on which option may be more appropriate to control or disperse a crowd as needed - especially in polities who are concerned with civilian's rights. Anti-Nanoswarm DP grenades often carry EMP/Plasmaburst charges, to cripple and disorient nanotech then have the option to cleanse the area with heat.

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