Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bioelectric Sense

Many aquatic animals (and some in other environments) possess a passive ability to sense minute electrical fields, such as those generated by the muscle impulses of living things. This ability is primarily used to supplement other senses to detect nearby creatures - predators or prey. Naturally, such a sense can be replicated using bioware, in addition to the ability of Cyberware to outright build a detector specifically for electric current, the Electrical Sense (p. 306 EP).

Bioelectric Sense: This implant installs passive electroreceptor organs in the skin of the morph, which detect electrical fields that get close. This has a range of approximately 5 meters in air, but goes up to 20 meters in water (especially salt water). Unlike Electrical Sense cyberware, the Bioelectric Sense only roughly gives a direction and distance to an object generating an electric or magnetic field, and may not sense such fields through certain shielded materials. The primary advantage of this implant is that it is sensitive enough to detect minute electrical fields generated by muscle contractions and other nerve impulses in living creatures, and does so passively. Due to the fact that their internal systems do not completely mimic biomorphs, this augment also gives a +20 to any perception check to observe if someone is a Synthmorph using a Synthetic Mask (p. 311 EP) in range. [Low]

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