Friday, September 16, 2016

Exotic Melee Weapons: Spears

Spears are an interesting item in AF 10. While very useful tools historically, their utility as a tool and a weapon is much reduced by the post-Fall environment. Additionally, their use is somewhat exotic to many, not quite the same dynamic as common blades (both long and short) or blunt weapons. Even so, there are some who pursue the art of using spear forms as tools or weapons, and there is a small variety of options available to those who wish to do so. Using any of these is a Exotic Melee Weapon: Spear test. Unless otherwise noted, a Spear should be considered to give its user the Reach benefit.

Spear: Basic spears come in a wide variety, from sharpened bamboo shafts, to pipes with chipped glass taped to the end, to fine pieces of authentic wood and polished steel blades. Despite their relative ease of construction, they are still a rare sight excepting among neoprimitivists or practitioners of select martial arts. They are, however, still a decently reliable weapon, useful for gaining reach on one's opponent. [Trivial]
AP -1 2d10+DB DV

Javelin: A javelin is a shorter, lighter weight spear. It can easily be wielded in one hand, but the primary benefit is that the weapon is light enough and properly balanced for throwing, and can be thrown for no additional penalty using a Thrown Weapons test. While Javelins may be too short to offer reach bonuses, they make for an interesting and relatively silent option for both melee and ranged opportunities. More than one Hypercorp outpost on Mars has done a shift change only to find that displeased Nomads or Barsoomians placed javelins in the chest of the night crew. [Trivial]
AP -1 1d10+2+DB DV

Collapsible Spear: Using basic collapsing designs or native smart materials, this type of spear can easily collapse down to a much more manageable size, moving from a large object to a small one. This makes it easier to transport or conceal, but ready to spring to full size with a gesture or flick of a switch. When folded, the Spear acts as a simple Knife (p. 334 EP). Collapsing and uncollapsing is a Quick Action. [Low]
AP -1 2d10+DB DV

Hunting Spear: Also called a "Boar Spear" (though some Neo-Pigs find this offensive, or at least rude), this is a design of spear intended for hunting of large, potentially dangerous game. It features a slightly longer blade, and a crossbar below it which prevents prey from rushing up the spear or breaking it and charging the user. The weapon is also balanced to be used in a rush, stuck into the enemy and leave them to bleed out. The bar grants a +10 to Fray tests in order to avoid a melee attack, and the weapon gives no penalty to be used in a Charge attack. [Low]
AP -2 2d10+2+DB DV

Pneumatic Spear: A truly exotic weapon, the Pneumatic Spear is a collapsing design with a powerful pneumatic system attached to it. This allows it to collapse and extend with great force. Normally, the weapon is a slightly heavier than normal spear, with a larger blade. The increased mass makes it slightly more damaging to use, but the true advantage is when it is extended. When used in an attack while extending (Collapsing or extending takes a Quick Action), the spear generates extreme force, adding 1d10 to DV, and increasing AP by 4. This more advanced construction, sadly makes the spears more complex and expensive, which when combined with the increased weight often makes them impractical. [Moderate]
AP -2  2d10+2+DB DV

(Original stat-line for the Spear/Collapsible Spear credit Colin Chapman)

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