Saturday, September 3, 2016

Enhanced Touch

In terms of bioware, the concept of enhanced senses is very common in the Transhuman Future. Enhanced Vision and Enhanced Hearing (p. 301 EP) are such common augmentations that many lines of morphs even come with them naturally. While not as common, Enhanced Smell (p. 301 EP) is similarly a useful modification with many applications for transhumans. However, the augmentation of Enhanced Touch can be seen as more exotic.

Enhanced Touch: In simple terms, this implant greatly increases the density, sensitivity and complexity of various cells in the skin responsible for tactile and haptic feedback, usually around 5x increase in sensitivity. This means that morphs with this implant have a much better sense of "fine touch", and are able to tell details about an object through simple touch much better than before, possibly even being able to get a sense of an object as good as with (unenhanced) vision. This augmentation also tends to give morphs a more detailed sense of small ambient details, such as shifts in airflow and temperature. However, this enhancement in sensitivity is invariably bonded to other aspects of the sense of touch, such as pain responses. The implant offers a +20 bonus to any purely touch-based Perception test, and a +10 modifier on any Skill Test which involves a fine touch (so long as you're using your bare hands), but a -10 on all tests related to pain, such as the WIL test caused by a Microwave Agonizer's "Pain" setting. [Low]

Many people who utilized Enhanced Touch operate in Socialite circles, the increased detail and fine touch sense are useful for many artisans, especially in the fashion industry. Others simply enjoy the novelty, or even pleasure generated from the enhanced sensitivity. Technicians, escape artists and cat burglars are the other most frequent users of Enhanced Touch, as it has great uses for manipulating small objects, or doing precise work on things you cannot see. Many criminal outfits make use of Enhanced Touch in certain morphs, either for purposes of interrogation or as an extremely "ghetto" version of Tasping if they cannot afford or perform conventional Psychosurgery. Enhanced Touch is also available as a Robotic Enhancement, and quite popular for Synths which may normally experience a certain dullness in their tactile sensors. The fact that all Synthmorphs can disable pain feedback make this option even more appetizing for them. For biomorphs, use of Sense Filters (p. 149 Panopticon) is recommended to avoid any unwanted side-effects.

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